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"the site is dying there is no content" redirect page

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Casual Trackmania is perfect for the greatest podcast in the world.

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84 Honda Nighthawk 450. Grumpy as hell but won't break down.

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@max_cherry said:

I don't know. I google naked cartoon pussy a lot and I don't often get here.

But you're here now! Enjoy yourself!

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I'd honestly rather play the first Battlefront. Before all this shit came down the can the past month or so, I played the hell out of the first one over the summer in anticipation of the sequel. One of the only small tiny features I wish was in the first one is having damage done to other players translate into points, instead of waiting for unbalanced assists or kills. But since the progression is bonkers in Battlefront II, I'd rather continue grinding fun gameplay in the first. At the very least I can one day get that scout trooper model :)! It looks amazing though.

Maybe one day I'll continue off the trial and buy it used, although by then what would be the point years down the road for such a game?

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I intend for the first, but unfortunately end up in an endless loop of the second.

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It could be actual DLC? Like, remember that guys? DLC? Anyone? Hello... :(

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1. Very true, especially if you can arrange a time to settle down with the game during a sale at some point.

2. Also very true. Titanfall has fallen victim to this but has sustained itself with a consistent player base because the game itself keeps enough people coming back in a dedicated way. Although for some games it can really suck the fun out of it. I forget which CoD it was but the player count was about 1300 and I still couldn't get into a game. I figured because of a combination of NAT and regional player matchmaking so what would seem like a sufficient thousand or so players sometimes doesn't translate that well.

3. Agreed, although this ties in with 1/4/6. If I foresee myself playing the crap out of something, or maybe a deep single player experience (Witcher 3) that should prove itself worthwhile over a long period of time.

4. This option doesn't appear available to me it seems, though by the time I usually get to games I'd probably rent rather than buy, they usually cost cheap enough to justify permanently purchasing them.

5. I find that a cheaper buy that you've yet to play for months (or years) is easier to justify than buying something brand spanking new and not getting that mint-price worth of time out of it. Games I wait for sales/price cuts on never seem to dwindle, whereas games I feel like I can't wait out any longer on immediately drop fairly soon after buying or dramatically before I get to playing it. FML

6. If I know I'm going to get it pretty much no matter what, which I'll say is getting rarer and rarer these days, I'll preorder it for the little bonus gizmos and shit I'll get. Although I can tell you the last handful I ever have: LA Noire, Max Payne 3, GTAV (notice 3 yearly Rockstar releases in a row lol), MGSV, and Fallout 4. I usually do this maybe a week before the release, when I pretty much am hyped up to point of knowing I'll get it on release so I might as well get the goodies. I don't think I've ever preordered anything further out than that before. I mostly remember doing it for games that my local GameStop definitely would have a shortage of if I were to want to get without a preorder on release, but then again we're talking like 2007 here.

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How the hell did this explode so fast? I didn't know GB was that high on the gamer forum succession list.

And will President Gerstmann set immigration standards for these new refugees? Are they willing to pay the premium to integrate into the Unprofessional Workplace Environment Commission that meets on Fridays??? Should we set up Duder language workshops?