GOTY 2012

all done!

List items

  • There's a reason why there's only been three of these. Too bad the multiplayer (plus the dlc, come on R*!) never caught on.

  • 3 words: Insane, crazy shit.

  • A more story driven Hitman obviously focused on 47's humanity. While the story is slightly fucked up and is consistently dropping off every cliff it can find, and the new disguise/instinct concept feels very gamey, and is even sometimes downright broken, this was well worth waiting for.

  • Enjoyable atmosphere, far more interesting setting, even more simplified-yet still brutal-combat, but still has me confused on who the fuck is who (like real American history).

  • PC isn't beefy enough to handle usually, but if the beta is anything like the released game, this F2P baby is allllllright.

  • Delivered many hours of testicle-shooting fun.

  • I'm actually close to finishing the campaign which is unusual for a Halo game. Playing the multiplayer to level 50, it was pretty enjoyable, but I feel Halo is now starting to relate too much to Bro of Duty with Halo 4.

  • Delivered many hours of self-hatred.