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Where Everybody Knows Your Cyber-Name 0

Glitch City is an intriguing yet dangerous place. Ruled by a totalitarian government, swarmed by nanomachines, and populated in part by androids that look human, it would seem like a perfect setting for an action-packed cyberpunk adventure. But alas, you are but a humble bartender named Jill. Working out of a dive in the neon district referred to as VA-11 HALL-A (or “Valhalla”), Jill’s primary goals are to serve her customers drinks, listen to their troubles, and pay her bills....

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Defend Gallia on the Go 0

Portable sequels to home console games are a rare and odd beast. For a variety of reasons, perhaps financial considerations, design requirements, or market analysis, developers take quite a risk in moving their games over to inherently less powerful hardware. Such is the case with Valkyria Chronicles II, the 2010 PlayStation Portable follow-up to the 2008 PlayStation 3 strategy classic. The sequel, focused on the aftermath of the Second Europan War, is in many ways constrained by Sony’s ha...

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GO GO Gadget Cloak/Stun/Hack! 4

Square Enix’s GO series has become one of the must-play franchises on mobile in the past few years. The first game, Hitman GO, was an inspired adaptation of Hitman’s sandbox puzzle gameplay into a turn-based affair presented in a charming board game aesthetic. The follow-up, Lara Croft GO, kept the deliberate turn-based skeleton but then added action-adventure trappings that fit well with Tomb Raiders of old. The latest game, Deus Ex GO, attempts to fit a GO game onto the well-worn c...

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The Fall Squanders an Intriguing Sci-Fi Premise with a Half-Baked Story 7

Man, what a cool way to start a game.The Fall starts with a figure, presumably an astronaut in a space suit, hurtling through space. As the the figure begins to heat up, it becomes apparent that it is entering a planet’s atmosphere. At the last second, the suit’s automatic protocol kicks in to activate a shield to protect against impact with the planet’s surface. Despite the effort to cushion the crash, the suit sustains major damage to its core systems, including the system th...

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War is Hell(a Fun) 3

In many ways, Valkyria Chronicles was very much ahead of its time. Originally released in 2008, the game blazed a new trail in the strategy RPG genre with its hybrid real-time/turn-based combat system. From it’s gorgeous hand drawn style to its deep gameplay systems, the game has been heralded as an underrated gem in the Playstation 3’s library. But eight years after the fact, does Valkyria Chronicles hold up against the march of time, technology, and game design? The answer is mostl...

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Ratchet & Clank Proves That Old School Charm Can Win Over Modern Sensibilities 0

These guys are alright.Since the series’s debut in 2002, the Ratchet & Clank franchise has spawned countless sequels and spin-offs. With so many games, an imposing amount of canon has been established that has made it tough for series neophytes to jump in. Luckily for the newbies, Insomniac has made Ratchet & Clank, a re-imagining of the original game which makes for an excellent entry point into the franchise. The new game successfully updates the original for modern tastes while ...

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Fallout 4: Maybe only a half generation leap? 6

The first time I entered a building in Dragon Age: Inquisition was when I determined that the current generation had finally arrived. Not because it looked pretty (it did) or because it played in a novel way (it didn’t), but because I did not have to see a load screen at all. This small thing in an otherwise massive game made me incredibly excited for the power of the current consoles and how that would benefit gameplay design. Sure, when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched there were ...

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