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Got to try out the Wii U today!

This isn't a full review of the system or anything, because I only really played a 10 min. demo while shopping at Target, but it was enough to get a feel for it and prompt me to put in some first hand thoughts about it here. The system itself was the white model and it looked nice. Nothing fancy, as it's pretty much just a box with rounded corners. It kind of reminds me of a book, and not at all like a game system, which is a bit funny if you think about it. The pad controller was actually very comfortable to me and not at all heavy, it was surprisingly lightweight and I had no trouble playing the demo game they gave you to play. The game demo was the new Rayman, which was fun, and the graphics looked bright and sharp on the HDTV that they had it hooked up to. The only thing that was a little bit of a negative for me from what little I got to do with it was that the game also played on the screen of the controller. I know that this is supposed to be a feature of the system, but in this case it was completely unnecessary. It wasn't like there was a map or it was pointing out secrets or anything on the controller screen, it was the exact same thing that was up on the television. Perhaps it was just set up like that because it was a demo to show an example of how some games can be downloaded to the controller to play, and I seriously hope so, because that's more than a little annoying if you can't shut something like that off. The touch screen interface of the controller was just like the DS/3DS as well, so if you are familiar with that then there's nothing new to get used to. It even had the same stylus that the handhelds come with. I wish that I could say more, and I'm sure others on here have, but like I said, this isn't a real full review of the system, just some thoughts of how it was for me in my first chance to try out the Wii U.


Teaching my sons about old school gaming.

Just recently purchased Mario Party 9 and my sons, ages 6 & 8 love it. I have owned & played the series since the original on the N64, but this is the first one that they've tried to play as they weren't old enough to understand the controls and rules of the others, so basically just my wife & I played them. I have to say this one is a lot simpler & I'm glad for that, as they wanted to try the 4th one on the Gamecube and it was still a bit tough for them. That said, I've also recently downloaded Super Mario RPG & Mega Man 9 to my Wii for my own enjoyment & to show them some great old school games that they've gotten a kick out of & now they love Mario & Mega Man and can't stop talking about the characters!


Getting into iPhone gaming now

Ever since my wife recently got us iPhones, I've been using it more and more to play games. So far I've downloaded the following:
- Tetris
- Call of Atlantis (Match 3 Puzzle)
- Around the World in 80 Days (Match 3 Puzzle)
- Rebirth of Fortune (Tactics)
- Transformers G1 Awakening (Tactics)
- Secret of Monkey Island SE
The puzzle games are great, the tactical games are good, but a bit awkward, and Monkey Island isn't too bad in this format & still a lot of fun to play. So, can any of you out there reading this recommend any other great iPhone games & don't say "Angry Birds".


Why am I playing Cityville?

I wrote a previous blog about how much 2 out of the 3 Zynga games on Facebook have become impossible train wreaks to even play anymore since most of my friends have stopped playing it since they became too difficult with all the additions that come out on it every day. Now, I've decided to give this new Cityville game a chance since it's similar to the Sim City series and I've always loved that series. However, as optimistic as I want to be about this game, I just can't help but feeling like a glutton for punishment when it too becomes another train wreak with too much too soon to try and handle at one time, and no friends and neighbors to help out with any of it.


Super Mario All Stars Wii

O.K. I've resigned myself to the fact that this game apparently sold out completely in most places the day it came out and that the booklet and CD that came with it aren't really worth the $30 price tag. So, I'll just go ahead and wait for a used copy to show up somewhere or hope that it becomes a vc download eventually. That said, I've noticed that E-Bay and Amazon have people selling copies anywhere from $60-$100! And, it looks as if people are actually buying it for that much! What is wrong with people?!?


Remember Nintendo's E-Reader & Cards?

I was thinking about how it's now the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and Nintendo is releasing Super Mario All Stars on the Wii Dec. 12th, not to mention special edition red Wii systems and DSIs also. But, anyway, remember back when Super Mario Bros. 3 was remade for the GBA as Super Mario Advance 4 and they had an added feature to the game that if you had one of those E-Reader things and the cards to go with it that you could load new levels and extra power-ups into the games. It was a pretty neat gimmick and somewhat ahead of it's time. So, now with all of the hype with DLC nowadays, and with yet another re-release of the classic SMB games, why doesn't Nintendo just come back out with all those extra levels and stuff that you used to be able to get on those cards, but instead somehow make them DLC that you can get through Wii points. Also, it doesn't have to stop with just these classic Mario games. Just think how awesome new Zelda levels would be that you could just download, or all the great stuff they could do with the juggernaut that is the Pokemon franchise.


Treasure Isle is really starting to piss me off.

I know people have talked about these games before, but hear me out. Out of all the useless time-suck games on Facebook, I only play 3 of them: Farmville, Frontierville and Treasure Isle. Farmville is manageable, but I got into the other two to pass the time between crop harvesting. Then I just kind of stopped playing Frontierville due to the fact that  there's just too many missions, so I only play that one once in a while. But, I really like TI the best because I can get in, do some stuff on it until I run out of energy and then come back later to do some more. It's a fun time-suck, and not too complicated. However, what's ticking me off about it is that it seems like every day there's some new statue or building or whatever to place on my home island, and it's starting to look like a damn junkyard! LOL!


Anyone use strategy guides?

I use them all the time because I like to have maps of where I'm going in a game. Although I tend to only use them for that and I like to figure out the rest of the stuff on my own. Any other thoughts on the use of them?

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