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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Strategy Guides

I want to buy a strategy guide for Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, but the only official one that I have ever seen only covers the first part of the game, and then there also only seems to be half a pokedex included in it, of which I'd have to spend more money to get a second book with the rest of the characters in it. However my main concern/question is, is there a strategy guide out there that has the second half of the game included in it?


I like to rename video game characters.

Whenever I get a new RPG, or adventure game that gives me the opportunity to rename the main character or multiple characters I always do it. Sometimes I use my own name, but mostly I like to name the characters after other pop culture characters from various media. Does anyone else do this?


Amalgamated Video Games

O.K. I had this weird and funny thought the other day while I was thinking of games to add to the lists that I have on my profile and doing some of the quests that I need to catch up on as well. I thought, hey what if some of these games were done in a Marvel/DC Amalgam comics style and they merged two different franchises into a new, strange and fun game experience. Primarily I was thinking that The Donkey Kong series of games (Country/Land/DK64) could be merged with Konami's Contra series and you could have Donkey Contra! LOL! Since the side-scrolling game play from both the Donkey Kong Country/Land games is very similar to that from the Contra games this would work, all you'd have to do is give DK and Diddy their respective guns from Donkey Kong 64 and have them blast away a Kremlings and the other assorted enemies and you'd have a perfect blend of the two games. Well, that's my idea now I'd like to hear from some other fellow GB users on what they think might make a fun amalgamated game.


Anyone care to check out my webcomics?

Hey everyone, I'd like you to check out my current web comics!
This is the main comic. That is, that it's the actual story: 
This one is the supplementary comic that gives info about the characters and other things within my comic universe:

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