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Treasure Isle is really starting to piss me off.

I know people have talked about these games before, but hear me out. Out of all the useless time-suck games on Facebook, I only play 3 of them: Farmville, Frontierville and Treasure Isle. Farmville is manageable, but I got into the other two to pass the time between crop harvesting. Then I just kind of stopped playing Frontierville due to the fact that  there's just too many missions, so I only play that one once in a while. But, I really like TI the best because I can get in, do some stuff on it until I run out of energy and then come back later to do some more. It's a fun time-suck, and not too complicated. However, what's ticking me off about it is that it seems like every day there's some new statue or building or whatever to place on my home island, and it's starting to look like a damn junkyard! LOL!