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Every Gameboy/GBC/GBA/DS/3DS game I've ever owned.

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  • I would love to see this one updated in full color with better graphics. It's just as much a classic as the original SMB. Played and beat this one a lot.

  • This one was cool because while being just a b&w Gameboy title with 8-bit graphics, it did a decent job mimicking the graphical look of Super Mario World somewhat. They even had Mario's spin attack in it! Plus, it is the game that gave us my favorite Mario character, Wario!

  • This one kind of shocked me that the 3rd game in the series was turned over to the villain from the 2nd one, and funny enough every other game after that in the series was a Wario game! LOL! I've played all of the Wario games, and the 1st and original one is still the best to me.

  • Had both the original and color versions of this one. It's my all time favorite Zelda game. Yeah, that's right you heard me, Link's Awakening is my favorite.

  • Had both the original and color versions of this one. It's my all time favorite Zelda game. Yeah, that's right you heard me, Link's Awakening is my favorite.

  • Out of the two Oracle games, I liked this one better than Ages.

  • Out of the two Oracle games, I liked Seasons better than this one.

  • A fun classic game from the early days of the Gameboy. A simple side-scrolling beat 'em up with the Turtles.

  • This one improved upon the graphics and game play tremendously over Fall of the Foot Clan, as well as what could be accomplished on the GB back in those days, but it was still a very enjoyable game that I played over and over again and beat every time.

  • Didn't really like this one as much as the other two original GB TMNT games, but I brought it just to be a completest.

  • The original GB of course came with this addicting classic.

  • Had both the NES and GB versions of this game for virus busting fun at home and on the go!

  • Until recently the only sequel ever to Kid Icarus. That is until the new 3DS game comes out.

  • Shame this one isn't "In cannon" anymore, I really like the character of Sonia Belmont, and I didn't think this was that bad of a game either.

  • The graphics are really small on this one, but I like all of the different card combos for creating different weapons and magic attacks. Plus, the replay value with all the different passwords for different abilities to start with was cool.

  • I like the twist on the two castles in this one that was borrowed form Symphony of the Night, but instead of having an upside down castle, they had a mirror image castle, so the second one was flipped backwards from the 1st one! Not as many magic/weapon combos as a lot of the other Castlevania games, but still a great part of the series imo.

  • I really like this one a lot. The more modern setting, the fact that the main character could be Dracula, and the ability to use the monsters powers make this one a really fun and awesome game.

  • I like the idea of having two characters and the combo attacks in this game. The various portrait levels are really cool too and very well done. This is one of my favorite Castlevania games, and another game that I've played through multiple times.

  • The graphics in this one are outstanding for a hand held Castlevania game, probably the best in the series so far. The game play is similar to the Aria sequels in that you can use various monster abilities, but damn this game is tough! The only Castlevania game where I was dying every five minutes! LOL!

  • Had the GBA port of this one. Never owned an SNES so I missed out on it the first time around.

  • This one was pretty interesting with the shrinking gimmick, but the kinstone fusion side quest was pretty annoying.

  • I like this game a lot, much better than it's sequel "Spirit Tracks". Not sure why that is. Maybe it's the whole boat vs. train thing, and I'd rather be sailing on the SS Linebeck than chugging around the map on Link's loco. LOL!

  • Other than Zelda II, the Adventure of Link, this is probably the only Zelda game that I don't really like. The thing is that I liked it at first, but now after getting half way through it, I'm having a tough time getting back into it. It could be the limited time that I actually do have to play games, but even when I do, I just don't feel like picking this game up again.

  • Since I loved the Ogre Battle 64 game so much, I naturally had to have this next one in the series for the GBA. It's a wonderful tactical game if you're into that sort of thing.

  • One of my college roommates had the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation, and I had tons of fun with that game, so when this sequel of sorts came out for the GBA, I gave it a shot and I loved it just as much.

  • FFTA was such a great game, so along came this direct sequel to it and I snapped it up of course. It's a major improvement over the first one and I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it as well.

  • Another game that I probably never would have brought if my wife didn't influence me buying it. Basically she wanted something that she could play on the DS, because even though it's basically my toy, being married I have to share my playthings! LOL! All-in-all though, it's not a bad game, just not something I play a lot of, and really neither does she ... go figure.

  • This one is loads of fun and I can't wait to get the sequel. I love all the imaginative levels and the countless wordplay.

  • I had Pokemon Blue. Got it from my younger brother just to see what all the fuss was about with this series when it was new at the time, and I got hooked. So, I'm one of the rare older generation of people that likes these games that are often seen as being for kids.

  • Borrowed this one from my brother who always gets the "3rd game" of every generation. Just kept it until I beat it and got all of the Pokemon from it that I needed and transferred them to the Blue version, then I gave it back to him.

  • For the second generation of Pokemon games I went with the gold version while my brother went with the Silver one. That way we were able to trade with each other.

  • Following the tradition of my brother having one version and I having the other, this time I went with Ruby while he went with Sapphire.

  • For the remakes of Red & Blue (or rather the original Japanese Red & Green) I went with Fire Red and my brother went with Leaf Green, since we wanted to do the opposite of what we had primarily played the first time around with the original versions. (See my note above about Pokemon Red/Blue)

  • Never owned the original version since the SNES is the only Nintendo system I've never owned, but I did own this GBA port.

  • I had to have this game since it was just like the original Bomberman, but with Wario added to the mix. It was a fun little distraction.

  • A Bomberman game that was kind of a cross between Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. It was very interesting and quite fun.

  • This game didn't do too well, but I like it a lot. It's like Tetris in reverse. Instead of making lines to reduce your tower, you have to add lines to make a tower, and the first person to reach a set number of points wins. I mostly played against the cpu, but won every time, it's just that easy, but still a little bit challenging.

  • One of the best RPG's ever!

  • Great sequel to a great rpg!

  • Had this one for a short while. Got it mostly for nostalgia reasons, but after playing for a while, didn't really like it as much as I thought I did/would so eventually it was traded in for other games. LOL!

  • Shining Force is one of my all time most favorite RPG/Strategy games. When this remake/update of the original came out it was an instant purchase. I've replayed and beaten this game multiple times.

  • Maybe it was the original ad campaign for this game that made me want to pick this one up and play it, I don't know, but I'm glad that I did, because I've been a Kirby fan ever since.

  • This one was fun and had an interesting twist with the animals, but I like the first one and Kirby's adventure for the NES better, and I was expecting something like the power combos from KA and later games in this one too, so it was a bit disappointing that you could only combo with the animals.

  • Can't believe that I almost forgot this one in the Pokemon series. As per my notes on all the rest of the games in this series. I have one version, and my brother has the other. In this case his is Diamond, and mine is Pearl.

  • Inherited this game from my wife. It's a faithful adaptation of the SNES Donkey Kong Country 2, and a fun game, but neither of us really play it that much.

  • I've played both the NES version of this game shown here in the box art and the Gameboy port of it as well. Both are pretty much the same game, minus the graphical differences obviously. Got this one from my wife's collection since she loves Ariel.

  • Another Little Mermaid game from my wife's collection. Think I probably played it once or twice just to see what it was like since I like pinball games. Not sure how much she's played it since it pretty much collects dust these days.

  • I brought this game back when I was younger thinking that it was just like the Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers NES games. Boy was I wrong. Sure you could pick up boxes and throw them at enemies, just like in those games, but you couldn't hide in the boxes to be safe & sneak attack which made this somewhat simple game much harder than it should have been.

  • Another early birthday gift. Played a demo online and liked it a lot. So far the DS version is a bit different as far as graphics and controls go obviously, but the demo that I played didn't have the maps either, so not sure if that's how the PC version is, but I only wanted this version and now I have it and I like it a lot. It's a nice quick time waster that I don't have to invest a lot into.

  • When these games first came out, as I've noted above on this list, I had the gold version. Now with the reissues, I've gone ahead and gotten the opposite one and have enjoyed it just as much as the first time with the other version.

  • The latest entry into the series has fast become my favorite. I just can't put this game down! There is just so much to do in it and there's even more after the main game is finished, which is much bigger than any previous title.

  • A vast improvement over the original, and a great addition to the series!