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Same thing happening on Safari. :(

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Very nice list; will check out more than a few of these. Now for my "hot take" I thought American Vandal season 1 was pretty mediocre to straight up bad. The two leads are awful and most of the jokes are obvious and on the nose. They do an ok job of satirizing crime dramas, but also fall into the trap of mimicking some of the issues of their target - tedious recaps of the story being the biggest offender. So my questions are did you like the first season and how do you compare it to the second season?

I thought the first season was a brilliant take on labeling theory. The humor in season 2 is pretty similar in terms of presentation and types of jokes, although it tackles different criminological issues than season one. If it wasn't your jam the first season you probably won't like it now either.

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@brackstone said:

You seem to like your horror TV shows, so if you haven't, check out AMC's The Terror. It's really fantastic, probably the biggest surprise of the past year, and it genuinely had some of the best performances of last year, Jared Harris being a real standout.

I've always hated everything I've seen of Riverdale without actually watching it, but Sabrina looks really good to me, so maybe I've been wrong all this time if that's what got you into Riverdale. I assumed it was bad CW teen drama, but if they're leaning into the Archie's Weird Mysteries stuff now, that might get me to check it out.

I started watching The Terror and while it was visually beautiful, I literally could not understand what was being said because the accents were so thick. I decided to wait to watch it later once it hits streaming so that I can turn on subtitles.

Riverdale is a terrible, terrible CW drama that is so bad it loops back around to being good. I fucking loved Weird Mysteries and can confidently say Riverdale makes even less sense. With that said, every season does revolve around a different mystery, only it is Jughead in the drivers seat instead of Archie.

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Congrats on the extra disposable income. Find a new hobby or something. Do you feel like you have to enjoy playing video games all the time? If so, why?

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@dbones80 said:

Good list. I wish it had one more Samara Weaving movie to make it a trifecta: THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI.

I didn't even realize she was in that movie. No lie, if I had known I would have made it a priority to watch it. I will check it out sooner rather than later now.

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I have a friend who swears up and down that AHS is amazing and that not nearly enough people are watching it.

The show is pretty much the Twilight Zone with each season being self contained outside of a few winks and nods so you could totally just check out whatever season has the most interesting premise to you. Each entry is so different it feels like it has become the Resident Evil of TV. They have done too many different things with each season and picked up new fans at each step so someone is always going to be disappointed no matter what direction they take it in.

I personally recommend you try watching Asylum (Season 2) if you are looking to give the series a shot. It is set in an insane asylum in the 1960s and features demonic possessions, aliens, and other wacky horror goodness.

I'm in the middle of The Punisher right now. I like it quite a bit so far. Also, in terms of 2017 Netflix shows, Ozark is really, really good. Give that a watch.

I have it on my list of things to watch. It seems to be taking some heavy inspiration from Breaking Bad with a more bleak tone.

@catmeat said:

#10 - #2 : Don't give a rat's ass

#1 : Twin Peaks

Whenever people would ask me what my favorite show of all time was I would always, without hesitation, answer "Twin Peaks." I fucking loved those first two seasons (even that weird subplot with James). I thought that the end of Season 2 was a perfect season finale and was actually really disappointed when they brought it back. I still haven't made the time to watch it because I know they are never going to get an ending that good.

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@wrinklydinosaur said:

Because of you I have spent a combined 2 hours over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day playing Universal Paperclips...

Happy to spread the joy!

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Can this also just be a general "hey check out this cool game" thread? If so I would like to give a shout out to Smash Up. The two expansions released this year, "What Were We Thinking" and "Big in Japan", were great and added some fun factions to an already amazing game.

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The color pallet is pretty much the same in Fallout 4.

The main thing that bummed me out about Fallout 4 is that literally every mission is "go here and kill everyone." No talking your way out of things, no creative solutions, just shoot everyone.