GOTY 2014

The ordering of these games is still very much subject to change. I'll make a detailed blog of this before the year is up.

List items

  • (Wii U)

    Best gameplay in a Smash game yet. Character variety is fantastic and online is great. The lack of a story mode is disappointing but the game still packs a lot of content.


    A damn fine version of Smash. Gameplay is arguably the best it has ever been in the franchise. That said the controls can be a little funky making it hard to consistently pull off moves and the lag when playing both online and locally is a huge bummer.

  • (Wii U)

    The best Mario Kart game yet. The game looks beautiful, the tracks have a great variety and the vehicle customization is awesome. The only complaint I have is the messed up battle mode. The DLC is also really incredible.

  • (Wii U)

    Fun hack and slash coop game. The cutscenes look beautiful and really make me wish they had added voice actors. The amount of content in here is ridiculous.

  • (Wii U) *Released on Wii U in 2014*

    Very fun coop zombie survival game. Highly recommend it if you have a buddy to go through it with.

  • (3DS) Alpha Sapphire

    While it was disappointing that they didn't include all the customization from X/Y, Hoenn is still a pretty awesome region to go through. The post game content is much better than X/Y and the new Mega Evolutions are great. I also appreciate them putting the daycare and the IV rater in the same spot. Now if only they would allow 6v6 battles against randoms online.

  • (PS4)

    It is like Space Invaders, Galaga and Pac-Man Championship Edition all wrapped in one. It is pretty great.

  • (Vita)

    I had never played the original before so this was all new to me. The game is fun and there is a ton of variety in character build. That said the enemies could use more variety and individual room layouts seem to repeat a few times.

  • (PS4)

    This game is 2 steps forward and 10 steps back for the franchise. I wrote a full blog detailing my feelings on the game which you can find here if you are inclined:

  • (PS4)

    A fun third person shooter that feels a bit too slow at times. The gameplay is solid and charming but unlocking new characters takes a bit too long and it is disappointing to see them push micro transactions so much in a game that isn't free to play.

  • (3DS)

    A fun little puzzle game with Pokemon. Can get really hard in the later stages. Coop is really great.

  • (PS4)

    Pretty neat, wish there was an option for local multiplayer.

  • (PS4) *Officially got out of Beta on PS4 in 2014*

    The gameplay is fun but it is pretty much impossible to get any new gear without paying. In game currency is accumulated very slowly and everything is stupid expensive. Real world money pricing on everything is also completely fucked. Good weapons and armor are all stuck behind a paywall. A prime example of pay to win.

  • (PS4)

    A generic 2D sidescroller with a generic story. Bleh. Haven't actually finished it and I doubt I ever will.

  • (PS4)

    Another generic looking 2D game. Sometimes you are on a ship, sometimes you are on foot. A lot of these game just feel the same to me. Haven't finished it and probably never will.