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These are the games I played in 2015 that released in 2015.

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  • (PS4)

    Never played either of the games in this collection. I have only beat Borderlands 2 so far which was pretty awesome to go through. I played through about one and a half times in single player as the commando and once in co-op as the sniper with my brother playing the gunzerker. The classes have a different feel and the open areas give a lot of options for how to proceed. The humor is great and I appreciated them fleshing out the characters from the first game. Younger me with way more free time would have absolutely loved how much replayability there is here. Even without having played The Pre-Sequel, I feel good about leaving this at number one based on Borderlands 2 alone.

  • (PS4)

    I got this on sale not expecting much and was very much surprised by just how much I ended up loving it. It is ranked this high based solely on its amazing gameplay. I don't like Transformers, never watched it as a kid nor did I ever play with the toys. The story in this game made no sense and the campaign only took me less than 5 hours on my first playthrough, with subsequent playthroughs taking even less time. That said, the multiple playable characters, difficulties, and wide variety of weapons made me play through the campaign close to a dozen times. The real campaign doesn't even start until after you beat the campaign on hard, unlocking a fourth difficulty that changes the enemies you encounter and ramps up the difficulty a few notches. There is then another difficulty waiting after that in addition to collectables hidden in the world and 50 additional combat missions that for the most part are fantastic.

    It is clear that the game was not complete, however. There is a loot mechanic, weapon upgrading system, character leveling and additional bells and whistles to add to your character but the campaign is so ridiculously short that it is unnecessary to deal with on lower difficulties and tedious to navigate on higher difficulties. There is also very little enemy variety and even less location variety. You go through the same three areas throughout the game, and even in such a short campaign you revisit the same areas over and over again. The combat is fucking ace though, and even with all of its flaws it is still really really really fun to fight robots as you pull off all sorts of crazy combos. As you can probably tell from the giant wall of text, I was really close to naming this my game of the year, but there are just too many flaws to overlook. If this game had been given the budget and development time of something like The Wonderful 101 it would have been a real thing of beauty.

  • (Wii U)

    Building levels is surprisingly simple and fun to do. I have also been having a lot of fun simply grabbing the remote and doing a 100 Mario challenge every now and again. The community levels can be hit or miss but it is worth sifting through to see some of the greatness people have made.

  • (PS4)

  • (Wii U)

    The campaign is surprisingly great and the characters are charming. The platforming feels good and the puzzles are solid if not a tad too easy.

    The multiplayer is pretty great and feels very different from anything else currently out there. The miiverse is also really fantastic. I would have loved if they had added the option for local split-screen online or really any other local multiplayer modes besides the shitty balloon game.

  • (PS4)

    I didn't get the chance to dig too deep into this yet, mostly because I spent a lot of time this year caching up on some of the 1.0 and 2.0 playsets that I never got to finish. I was able to complete most of the tutorials and I have played a few user created levels with Darth Maul. I absolutely love the hub they have created. It is much nicer than just sifting through menus and the way they have collided several Disney properties into this one area gives it that same magical feel the Disney parks have. The gameplay itself is very much improved from 2.0 and it is still great just seeing all of these worlds collide. I didn't get the chance to play any of the Star Wars playlets yet but even just messing around with the community stuff has been fun.

  • (PS4)

    I vaguely recognized some of the characters in this game, but a lot of the roster was completely foreign to me. Even so, the game is a lot of fun to play through in co-op just blasting other people and doing crazy over the top anime fighting moves. It is super simple to play which makes it easy to just pick up and mash a few rounds out.

  • (iPad)

    The art style is charming and for the first three hours or so the game is a lot of fun. Unfortunately you eventually start hitting quite a few walls that make you unable to progress until hours of actual time have passed. That, along with the repetitiveness made me move passed it fairly quickly. Considering the game was free though it is hard to complain too much.

  • (PS4)

    I let the hype consume me and picked it up on day one. The game is fun but incredibly light on content. It is fun to pick and play every once in a while but I fell kinda burned by it, especially considering this is the only non-Nintendo game I bought at full price this year. A few more co-op modes or even just a better done horde mode would have been nice. And would it have really been that hard to add local split-screen online?

  • (PS4)

    I haven't even finished the first chapter. It was just sort of meh. I miss the over the top action of RE5 and 6. These games aren't scary and making them clunky for the sake of being clunky is dumb. I tried out the Raid mode and I don't really get the hype. I would have much rather have had a good old mercenaries mode.

  • (PS4 & Vita) Organ Trail: Complete Edition

    There is no page for Organ Trail: Complete Edition so I decided to put it down as the "Director's Cut." The shooting is really funky and I never really got the hang of it. The game can be pretty hilarious at times even if some of the jokes repeat themselves more often than others. The resource management is great although having a string of shitty random events in short succession screw you out of all your supplies and end with a game over can be really damn frustrating.

  • (PS4)

    I completely forgot that this was a game that released this year that I played for a bit of time since it was free with Plus. Just not my cup of tea.


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