My Top 12 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

These are the games I am most looking forward to this year as of January 3, 2012. Maybe what I am anticipating will end up being crap or maybe another game will come by that flew under my radar and blow me away, but as of now, these games are looking pretty good.

List items

  • I have been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced at e3. I love car combat and this game looks like more than just a shallow drive and shoot game. If there is any one that can bring back the genre, it's David Jaffe.

  • Sex, Blood and Rock & Roll. Nuff said.

  • The next Tales from Space game? Hell yea! Wait, I have to buy a $250 system and an over-priced memory card to play it? ah shit :(

  • WarHawk was tons of fun and if this game is just that with space as the battlefield, I will be happy.

  • It's a new Naughty Dog IP. Shit doesn't get more exciting than this. Would have probably been number 2 on this list if I was sure it was coming out in 2012.

  • I absolutely loved ModNation on PS3 and after hours of work I was able to make the perfect Darth Orange car with a decal and everything. If all that transfers over like they say it will then I will be one happy camper. This also would have scored higher on my list but I'm still a little nervous about the load times.

  • I am currently in the process of playing through the first two BioShock games (around five hours into the first one) and I have to say I'm not really digging it. Even so the aesthetic for Infinite alone has me interested.

  • I have yet to play the campaign of a Halo (I have played the multi-player modes at friends houses) and seeing as how this is the start of a new trilogy, it seems like the perfect time to hop on board.

  • I've heard good things about War for Cybertron but never got around to picking it up. This one looks like some good old fashion robot fun with ROBOT DINOSAURS!

  • I am a sucker for crossovers and these two seem like a match made in heaven. I want to see Ryu punch a bear.

  • I am also a sucker for Resident Evil and I am interested to see what the new team does with the game.

  • This looks like the closest thing we are going to get to a new Nintendo IP and that's enough to get me excited.