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My Top 14 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Here are the 2014 games I am most looking forward to. If the past two years I have done this are anything to go by then my actual game of the year list will feature plenty of stuff that is not on my radar at the moment. That said even if nothing else were to release this year these games would be enough to make 2014 really damn awesome. I will count myself lucky if I am able to play half of these.

List items

  • The promise for this game is absolutely amazing. An open world game of all the United States (or a rough representation of it at least) where driving coast to coast takes hours and there is a variety of terrains. Add to that what looks to be a solid amount of car customization and I am left wondering why more people are not talking about this.

  • It is another Super Smash Bros, what more needs to be said? I really hope that Charizard continues to be playable.

  • This Mario Kart seems to be taking bits from all the previous entries while also including solid online play. If it all works as advertised I can see myself losing a lot of time to this game.

  • This game hasn't actually been confirmed for 2014 but it was teased in the Vita port last year and the developer has said that they have PS4 dev kits so I really hope it comes out this year. The first game was really great, I can't wait to see Ratloop try to top themselves.

  • I love 2D platformers and Donkey Kong looks like a really good one of those.

  • The inFamous games are by far the best superhero games around, and everything I have seen of this game looks even better than the previous games.

  • It looks like a really neat sidescroller.

  • I haven't played a Dynasty Warriors game in years but this new aesthetic looks like enough to pull me into another game in that style after all these years.

  • This game looks really really cool and I hope it gets ported to other systems sooner rather than later.

  • I never played the first Bayonetta but I have heard good things. I will definitely check this one out.

  • The team racing stuff seems like autolog taken to the next level.

  • It has been too long since we got a DBZ game.

  • After I found out that the game was going to be third person and have black bars on the top and bottom my hype deflated. I really hope that letterboxing doesn't start to become the norm this gen. That said Ready at Dawn has made some awesome stuff on PSP and besides those two disappointments it still looks good.

  • I haven't started the game yet and will probably wait until all the chapters are out before picking it up but I look forward to see where the story goes.