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Life Achievement Points: The Airport

Let's say that Microsoft has finally answered the wild dreams of fanboys around the world and unveiled Life Achievement Points. It would be awesome. Anyway, this post is going to cover a majority of the points of available to you in the airport.

Bought a Ticket - 5 points - You have bought your first airplane ticket!

Bought an International Ticket - 5 points - You have bought an international ticket! Bon Voyage!

Auto-Check - 5 points - You used an automatic check-in desk!

No More Auto-Check - 30 points - You destroyed an automatic check-in desk! Vandal!

Gun - 10 points - Brought a gun into the airport

Gun! - 10 points - Showed your gun to somebody in the airport

GUN! - 50 points - Shot somebody in the airport

(gun) - 30 points - Snuck your gun past security... shhhh...

Jihad - 100 points - If security asks you what's in your bag, you tell them: "Bombs! HAHA!!! JIHAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD!!!!"

False Alarm - 15 points - You announce the presence of a bomb in the airport.

Super False Alarm - 20 points - You point at somebody's MP3 player, shout "BOMB!" and then dive away.

Souvenir - 0 points - You wasted your money on a stupid souvenir in the airport. Idiot.

Failed - 5 points - You set off a metal detector

Sexiness - 30 points - The woman/man using the wand at the security desk commented on your good looks or excessively touched your rear-end.

Take a Ride! - 20 points - You jumped on the baggage conveyor belt and went for a complete spin. Wheeeeeeeeee!

STOP! - 10 points - You, for no reason, pushed the "Emergency Stop" button on the baggage conveyor belt.

$10 - 10 points - You made ten dollars returning carts to the baggage cart holder

$100 - 20 points - You made one hundred dollars returning carts to the baggage cart holder

$1000 - 40 points - You made one thousand dollars returning carts to the baggage cart holder

Millionaire! -  1000 points - You became a millionaire off of only returning carts to the baggage cart holder

Sucker - 0 points - You actually PAID to use a baggage cart

No Touching! - 20 points -You touched a security guard's gun

Charmer - 10 points - You successfully charmed your way into getting into first class without paying anything extra.

Overweight! - 5 points - Checked in an overweight bag.

Free Ride - 100 points - Successfully snuck into somebody's bag, got checked in, and made it to your destination... for free.

Tarmac Run - 100 points - Lasted more than one minute streaking on the tarmac.

Fake Reported - 10 points - You reported a random Arab man as a terrorist

Real Reported  - 20 points - You reported an actual terrorist

No Jihad - 50 points - You beat the terrorist yourself

My Jihad - 50 points - Volunteered to perform the terrorist act yourself

Ignored! - 10 points - Overheard plans for a terrorist attack but decided to do nothing

All Aboard - 5 points - Successfully boarded an airplane

Insane Gamer - 10 points - Ran around acting like a character in your favorite game. Assassins Creed?

No Parking - 10 points - Park your car at the Dropping/Loading Only section. Leave it.

My Name is Osama - 30 points - Grow a  beard and if a security guard or airport personnel ask your name reply: "Osama Bin Laden"

Weed - 10 points - Smoke weed in the smoking lounge

Imposter - 15 points - Enter the VIP lounge uninvited and when the employee asks for your ticket respond, "you mean... You don't know who I am?!?!"

That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed it!



What do you think of this acronym: SCAR? It stands for Special Covert Assault and Recon. It's for a commando group, if couldn't figure that out already.

I'm using it in a book I'm writing. Tell me if you like.

Games I Love (Part 1)

(old friends from Gamespot will recognize this)

Throughout my history as a gamer there has always, from time to time, been this one game that really stands out and I'll play it end on end for a long time. I mean, I'll play for hours a day for weeks. I do that with games. There are games that I'll play once and like it, but there are those truly special games to me. One of those is Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

My first truly sandbox game, Mercenaries is one spectacular game. The story is that North Korea has been taken over by its former dictator's son. He was caught trying to export nuclear weapons for terrorist and that was enough for the Allied Nations. The Korean War started again. That's where you come in. Playing as one of three mercenaries, your job is to take down a "deck of 52", or the 52 highest priority targets in North Korea. The ultimate job is to take down the dictator himself, the Ace of Spades, for 100 million dollars. You get money for every bounty you complete, but what do you do with that money? You can buy vehicles, weapons, or even airstrikes. Yes, airstrikes. They range from simple surgical strikes to massive fuel-air bombs.

The hidden factor behind Mercenaries is its humor. You can do some funny stuff while running around blowing the crap out of anything you want, but the charm is in the spots you don't expect. You take jobs from four different factions: the Allied Nations, the South Koreans, the Chinese and a Russian mafia. Yes, I just said, "a Russian Mafia." Humor is where you don't expect it. The leader of the Mafia has a bunch of lines that are really just hilarious. But the leaders of the other factions are great too, but you have to try hard to get humor out of them. They won't give you a line, unless you feed them something. Explore their office and you'll find something.

The funniest part of Mercenaries is one of the mercenaries, Matthias Nilsson. He's the big guy pictured above with the mohawk. Words can't describe just how darn funny he is. Part of the humor is his voice. He's voiced by this guy, Peter Stormare. Look him up on Youtube or something because he has one of the awesomest voices of all time.

I would call this one of my favorite games of all time and I can't wait until the second one comes out. It's going to be awesome.


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