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Editorial: So Many Guns!

I was just playing Mass Effect when I noticed that every single item I find is either a gun, an item to upgrade a gun, armor to protect from guns, health kits to repair yourself from guns, or money to buy guns. And before that I was thinking of doing a blog about how the world of Mass Effect could be considered a pseudo-utopia! Screw that, Mass Effect is Texas in space!

But then I realized that Mass Effect isn't the only one guilty of this. Knights of the Old Republic came to mind pretty quickly. Pretty much any game that requires item collection is guitly of this to some degree or another. But some cases are just ridiculous, especially in games where guns shouldn't be there much.

I'm looking at you Bioshock! Supposedly we're supposed to have a world where war went on on the underground utopia, but guns were supposed to be illegal and that war was fought with scrounged-up weapons and plasmids. Yes, quite a few of the available guns are actually these makeshift weapons, but the majority of those found aren't. This isn't a gameplay concern, but a styIistic and consistency concern.

As games become more and more advanced and, dare I say it, story-centered, developers need to be more minded of things like this. Yeah, a useless item might be annoying at times but wouldn't just finding it be enough to make the world seem a bit more believable? Or maybe a solution would be to list what was found in a box but only make useful items able to be carried.

I'm not saying that this is a gaping, gamebreaking flaw that must be corrected for gaming to go on, I'm just saying that it's a flaw and that it's there. This problem may never be fully corrected, but in the future I'd like developers to be a bit more mindful.