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Quantum of Solace (the game): I'm Convinced!

I just watched a G4 video about the upcoming Quantum of Solace game and I am now convinced that it should be on my watch list, if not my buy list. I don't have time for a full blog, but here are some points that I really liked:

  • It uses Call of Duty 4's engine. The graphics will, therefore, be great.
  • It has a new AI system. They completely erased CoD4's average AI and replaced it with something apparently better.
  • Both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are in the game, so we know it won't be short. 
  • All of the original actors are in the game, so we have only the best voice acting and character models. This is the highest point for me because one of my favorite games of all time is 007: Everything or Nothing, which I loved because it felt just like a real Bond movie with original actors, etc.
  • It expands upon the movies a lot like Goldeneye did. As in, some scenes that didn't feature action now do. 
  • It has third person cover elements, a lot like Rainbow Six Vegas but I presume in a less tactical presentation. Probably a bit like Perfect Dark Zero, which sounds like a bad thing, but the cover system was one of the good parts of PDZ.
  • The developer looked genuinely stoked about it. Now, usually you see a guy just give you details or telling its good but he doesn't seem to really mean it... but this guy just seemed passionate about what he's got! 
  • ALL new material. They didn't take anything from the movies. They even took lines from the movies and recorded them again. 
  • The interviewed went so far as to say that his game could better than Goldeneye. Those sort of statements aren't made lightly. 

I'm a huge Bond fan and I'll admit that I don't think QoS looks perfect, but I think we might have a surprise hit on our hands! Oh and pay minimal attention to Giantbomb's page about QoS... a few facts are wrong. I should edit, but I don't have the time. Anyway, keep your eye on this one!

Here's the link to the video. There's no way to embed it, sorry!