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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars will never ever truly die, but it will lose strength and never ever be the cultural phenomena it was. That doesn't mean that George Lucas and his boys aren't going to try a little defibrillator action. Their  most recent attempt is in the animated movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The film stars a bunch of voice actors who play their roles fairly well, but will never replace the originals. Only Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee actually portray their characters of Mace Windu and Count Dooku (respectively). The old characters being portrayed by other actors isn't terribly bad, you'll get over it, but it's the new characters that annoy the crap out of annoying. Anakin's little padawan that he gains is named Ashoka and she trumps Jar-Jar Binks. Easily. Her little... "jokes" are just plain awful.

There's all that and The Clone Wars features probably the worst script I have ever come across. Actually, nix that. The team of five year olds that made this script did a great job at appealing to their own age group. Bad lines, poor conversation, and wooden characters. Maybe the wooden characters isn't bad considering that the character models look like wood. They're pretty darn ugly. If they had just stuck with original Gennedy Tartakovsky cartoon, this wouldn't be so bad. But the cartoon does NOT translate to 3D.

The action scenes are awesome. Lots of big battles and lightsaber action. The lightsaber duels aren't that great, but the other battles are. The music also sets a good tone for the movie. It's not John Williams, it's another guy whose name I forgot. His composition features drums and electric guitars, which sounds like it wouldn't fit Star Wars, but it fits this movie.

In conclusion, the Clone Wars is only for kids and die-hard Star Wars fans. Pretty much no new fans are going to come out of this movie. In fact, it may have killed some old ones.

Using Giantbomb's system here: two stars.

- Darth