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Too Human Demo

The sci-fi RPG Too Human has been Silicon Knight's dream child for ages now. Most of us have probably never heard of Silicon Knights because they haven't made anything at all for the last few years. Their one and only project they've announced has been Too Human. Too Human is a sci-fi RPG set about 60,000 years in the past. I've been on the fence, leaning towards the "no" side, about this game for a long time because it frankly looks stupid. I love sci-fi, but I love realistic sci-fi even more. Too Human is anything but.

Cheesy Right?
Cheesy Right?
I'm not dumb enough to simply ignore a game that has resulted in SK suing Epic Games, a development time that has lasted eons, and one of the most original concepts ever. It's sci-fi heavily based on Norse mythology. If you die, you get taken by a Valkyrie to Valhalla; you work for something called O.D.I.N... are you seeing the resemblance? In fact, your name is Baldur and you're a god. You're not almighty, in fact, you're on something of a Kratos level. The combat is wicked fun. It's a realtime RPG that focuses on swordplay. You use the right thumbstick to attack. It's a bit awkward at first, but mastering it means you'll love it. The movement targets an enemy, locks him, and then Baldur will jump at him, normally knocking the enemy into the air. You can jump and either divebomb an enemy or attack in the air. The combat is ridiculously exaggerated, but come on, you're a god! There is also the option of pulling the right trigger to use your guns, which gives it a Devil May Cry feel.

The graphics and cutscenes are nice. The facial expressions look good, they're not Mass Effect by any means, but they're good. The graphics have potential for awe. Games usually look better after demos and Too Human is already well above average. The story
looks great as well. How can you go wrong in a universe like Too Human's?

There was no character customization in the demo, but I'm pretty sure there will be in the final game. Also, you don't get to choose what you say. Maybe that will also happen in the final game, because Baldur's reactions weren't very... great. We'll see, won't we?

Pick up the demo and try it out for yourself. It's a pretty unique game that I'd recommend to just about anybody. You'll get just under an hour of gameplay out of the demo, even if you skip half of the cutscenes.