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It Needs to Cook a Little More 0

It Needs to Cook a Little Bit More WA Julian Fable 2 is a lot like a batch of your mom’s chocolate chip cookies. You love these cookies, they’re really good. The ingredients are all well-done and it’s a perfect mix of goodness. Except this time, your mom was in a hurry and she didn’t bake the cookies long enough. Yeah, sure it tastes good and it’s still a very good cookie but mom… WTF?!?! So, Fable 2 really does have some great ingredients. Considering this is an RPG, we should first hit on the ...

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Above and Beyond 0

Above and Beyond WA Julian 2006’s Gears of War erupted from the ground with smashing sales, breaking reviews, and even Game of the Year Awards (it was even my game of the year). Sure, it had its problems, but its winning combat formula won the day for Epic Games, making it easily one of the best Xbox 360 games out there. Beating it would be tough, but as if intentionally, there were enough holes left in Gears of War that a sequel could potentially be groundbreaking. And that is exactly what happ...

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Best In Genre 0

The first Rainbow Six Vegas is an excellent tactical shooter with an excellent formula that easily proved to be a good base to build a sequel on. The sequel came back and took pretty much everything and improved it mostly by tweaking. These tweaks proved to be just what the franchise needed but it’s the big stuff that really made this game worthwhile. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I knew to expect a great game because I had spent countless hours playing terrorist hunt in the first one. I lo...

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One of a Kind 1

(I review using a slightly different method. Score is based on fun-factor and not quality of a game)This is a golden oldie. OK, not quite. It's about four years old and Star Wars: Republic Commando is easily one of my favorite games. I used to play it frequently, but I sold it and didn't feel much regret because I picked up an Xbox 360 later. Well, I just bought Star Wars: Best of PC, which includes five Star Wars games, and got a walk down memory lane.Star Wars Republic Commando is a squad-base...

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