Games I have played... and liked.

In no particular order.

*=Beaten at least once (at least story mode/ main quests)

Twilight Princess*

Wind Waker

Mass Effect*

Mass Effect 2*

Mass Effect 3*

Batman: Arkham Asylum*


Starcraft 2*

Civilization V*

Super Meat Boy

Nitronic Rush*



God of War 3*


Dirt 3

Kerbal Space Program

Ocarina of Time

Majoras Mask

Red Alert 2

C&C Generals

Warcraft 3*


World of Goo




Red Faction: Guerilla*

Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2142

The Witcher*

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings*

Dragon Age: Origins*


Little Big Planet*

Paper Mario*

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door


Pikmin 2*

Mark of the Ninja

Sim City 4

Caesar 3

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Company of Heroes

The Sims 2

Earth 2160*


Crysis 2*

Crysis Warhead*

Monster Rancher

Saints Row The Third*

Medieval Total War 2*

Shogun Total War 2

XCOM: Enemy Unknown*

Space Pirates and Zombies

The Walking Dead: Season 1*


Bioshock Infinite*


Tiny and Big Grandpa's Leftovers*

Hotline Miami


Dust: An Elysian Tail*

Dota 2

Thomas was Alone*



The Wolf Among Us*

Far Cry 3*

Dark Souls

The Walking Dead: Season 2

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Sanctum 2

Samurai Gunn

To the Moon*


Deus Ex: Human Revolution*

Saints Row IV*


Borderlands 2

Wolfenstein: The New Order*

Valiant Hearts*

List items

  • I think the ending of this game has had the largest emotional impact on me of any game. The story is great, but it's the character design that really stands out to me. I recommend this game to literally everybody. Everybody.

  • I played this after an FPS drought in my life, and it was quite a kick in the pants. The action is crazy, the dialogue is crazy, the story is crazy, everything is crazy. Not especially memorable, but without a doubt worth a playthrough for some quick dumb fun.

  • It was my brother that was way into Zelda, but this was the game that I bought and played first. Fifty hours after starting it, I could proudly say I had finished a Zelda game before him, but I neglected to mention how boring it was in some spots.

  • This game is incredible, but I have never managed to persevere all the way through it... I have gotten rather far but never overcame the pacing issues in the back half of the game. Going back and playing on an emulator in HD is goddamn incredible, but still not enough to get me through it.

  • This games greatest asset is it's writing, followed closely by it's atmosphere. The universe established as well as it's vivid characters were simply superb. The combat left a bit to be desired, but boy was it easy to forget about that.

  • Seeing my Shepard return was one of the coolest moments in my gaming experience. What surprised me was that this game not only lived up to it's awesome beginning, but also went above and beyond the initial Mass Effect in almost every way.

  • Great game, lackluster final chapter. Had a lot of fun playing it, and I was eventually satisfied with the closure I got out of it for the franchise. I sensed the tendrils of EA throughout this product, and it saddened me...

  • The first PS3 game that I could really dig into. Controls were great, story was great, visuals were great... great?

  • One of the first games I can remember playing. Played the demo on an old iMac at least 25 times, and my dad finally surprised me with a copy when I was in kindergarten. Some of the best experiences of my life came out of this game!

  • Waited eight years for this game. Went to a midnight launch, got two copies (one of them was a collectors edition), and played through the campaign in one day. Continued to pour hundreds of hours into the multiplayer. This game is definitely in my top ten, and could very well be number one.

  • Had a blast managing everything there was to manage in this game. Felt very empowered and important; I led the most powerful nation in the world!

  • This game is pure fun. Didn't give a damn about anything besides the times and scores. Also, didn't get mad at this game... controls always felt fair and I never felt more than a little frustrated. Of course, I didn't beat the game....

  • This is the best racing game I have every played. It's not very complex or long, but the controls are rock solid. I managed to beat every hardcore level, which I am rather proud of, and going back to the more conventional levels afterwards had me flying through them at ludicrous speed, having ludicrous fun.

  • One summer, a friend and I played this for about a month. Just this. I feel no need to return after the 80 hours I spent in this game, but the memories endure as some of the best I have.

  • I play this game with a few friends, and it really sucks you in when you want to make cooler stuff than your neighbor. Unfortunately, my neighbors are usually playing this game and nothing else, so they inevitably tower over whatever I end up with and I lose interest. And then the server restarts... and I'm at it again.

  • The best of it's genre that I have played. The action is satisfying, the story is easy to follow yet not quite cringe-worthy, and boy is there some eye-candy that will be the death of you a few times.

  • First PS3 game I ever played, and it left a good impression on me. Did not play it all that much, but the graphics and intense atmosphere left every race engrained in my brain for a long time afterwards.

  • Played it very recently, and this game rivals Nitronic Rush in terms of solid controls and design, but in a very different way. I like almost every genre of game, and realistic racing is up there on my favorites, but not higher than the crazy racing of Nitronic Rush.

  • I'm a space buff, like the manage things, and am big into sandbox craziness. This game satiates all of those things, and has lofty goals that will bring me back for years.

  • This is probably the first game I remember. I watched my older brother play through it when I was barely three years old (yes I have a pretty good memory) and the memories it gave me are some of the most cherished I have. As cliche as it sounds, this game was magical.

  • Did not gain an appreciation for this until later. I watched my brother play through this one, and thought it was cool. The game itself is fantastic, loved every moment I played of it (got very close to the end, lost my save). The ideas behind the game are what make it really stand out. There is so much nuance, so many messages embedded in this game, and now that I'm older I can appreciate them.

  • My dad briefly worked at EA and managed to get me a copy of this game during that time. Not sure what to say about it other than it was dumb fun for at least 30 hours of my life.

  • Another game I got while my dad was at EA. I was really pining for a sequel to Starcraft, and I had to make do with this for a while. More than decent.

  • About a year after getting Starcraft, this caught my eye. A 3D RTS made by the same guys who made Starcraft? Yes please! The story was great, the graphics were definitely a step up from Starcraft, and I took my first steps in programming when fooling around in the map editor.

  • This was the first indie game I gave a crap about. It was beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing. Some of the writing is painfully artsy-fartsy, but that barely detracts from the ambiguous-yet-powerful message the game leaves you with after you finish it. Almost all the puzzles are incredibly well crafted, and only a few are a little too convoluted. Plus, the "menu" music is probably the most zen music I have ever been witness to.

  • Not much I can say other than it set the gears of my mind in motion for about a dozen hours and left a good impression on me.

  • My game of the year 2011. I really enjoy drawing digitally, and this game had me drooling over it's design. Once I picked my jaw up of my desk, I found that the controls were solid as well. And that the story was amazing. And that the narrator was mind blowing. And that I had played through it four times by the time I wrote this!

  • Preordered as soon as I could. Was a little disappointed with the state of the shipping game, but that did not stop me from putting well over a hundred hours into this game, and I haven't even started making my own mods yet!

  • My first venture into open world games. Got this for my brother and ended up hogging it for at least a hundred hours. Played through it once, turned on cheats and ruined the world a few times, downloaded dozens of mods, and then made a few of my own. Ah the memories...

  • My grandfather wanted to get me something when we were at a small supermarket once, and this was the only game I knew a shred about. When I finally played it, I had an absolute blast tearing everything down. Only one gripe: Games for Windows LIVE prevented me from playing for a good two days, and proceeded to interrupt my gameplay at least ten times mid-mayhem...

  • Another gift for my brother that I ended up playing more of. A solid shooter, what more can I say; nothing else really stands out besides how good every component was.

  • A game I didn't care about until my brother finally put it down about a year after buying it. The thing that I loved most was the Sandbox mod in which you could use objects from the game's library to build massive structures.

  • First shooter that actually had me playing online competitively, rather than exploratively... if that's a word. Looking back on it, yeah it had flaws, but I couldn't have cared less when I was raiding a Titan from another Titan!

  • Only got this game because it was cheap and I wanted to play the Witcher 2. I ended up really loving it overall, but mainly because of the atmosphere it established. The feel of the world rivaled that of the first Mass Effect, and is only slightly inferior because I like Sci-Fi a little more than fantasy.

  • Played this game at a stage in my life when I was really fed up with bullshit stories in video games that tried to take themselves seriously. This was the perfect game for me at that stage, for it features the most mature and intricate storyline of any game I have every played. Everything else is good too...

  • Liked Mass Effect, wanted more of that kind of game, turned to this. Origins gave me what I wanted and more; the way you interact with the characters in this game had me awestruck from beginning to end. It also helps that this is reminisce of an RTS when played on the PC (a genre I love).

  • Only tried this because of the great review it got on this site. Loved how air-tight action and a ridiculous-but-awesome story were woven together.

  • I saw the first demo of this game and I was hooked. Playing with friends was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, and the creative aspect was surprisingly engaging as well!

  • Another game I played in kindergarten, I was so proud of myself when I managed to beat it all by myself, no help from anyone/thing whatsoever. The strategy and story had me hooked, and this game helped to teach me my left/right as well as how to read.

  • Bought it as soon as I knew it existed. I must have been in 3rd grade at most when I played this, and boy did it send me back to when I played the original. I was legitimately creeped out a few times by the sinister undertones it sometimes employed, which caught me by surprise. I never did beat the last boss though...

  • I remember trying to play this with no success. I love strategy games, and this seemed perfect, but for 2nd-grade-me it was too difficult. Didn't stop me from loving it though!

  • I have a soft spot for games with surreal themes (I really liked Inception and The Prestige), and this game hit the spot. Great combat, looks INCREDIBLE, and the story is the best one I have ever experienced in a videogame. Perhaps my favorite game... ever... too soon to say.

  • I finally got the Pikmin experience I wanted with this game. It was easier and I was older, so I had tons of fun doing what I wanted to do in the original.

  • Played through about half of this before my saves somehow disappeared... rock solid controls allowed me to feel empowered and generally badass every minute I played of this game.

  • Yet another acquisition while my dad worked at EA. Was a little too young to fully appreciate it, but managing everything and seeing my city grow was too much fun!

  • A friends dad introduced me to this game when he heard that I like Starcraft. I was only in third grade when I played this, but I still had a great time micromanaging my Roman metropolises, and plan to return to this series again someday.

  • A second grade favorite. Didn't really know what was going on, but that didn't keep me from having a blast!

  • Got this two years after the original. Actually knowing what I had to do helped me have a different kind of fun.

  • One of the most hardcore RTS I have played. The realism was very nicely integrated; didn't make me feel frustrated all that often.

  • Dad got this one free from EA, so I gave it a shot. Had some fun with my dude, but I ended up sinking the majority of my time into building crazy houses and killing sims in creative ways. Also making my sims as ugly as possible.

  • I really wanted StarCraft 2, but that wasn't going to come for many years... so I got this. Very flawed, but I had fun in the campaign and map editor.

  • This launched my PC building, modding, and modern FPS lives all at once. Really great game, I think it gets too much heat for focusing on graphics.

  • Almost didn't make the list. Didn't have a lot of what I liked in the original, but shooting dudes in their faces remains fun.

  • Liked this for the same reasons as the original. Plus, it ran much better on my outdated rig!

  • Played this on my brother's launch PS3, and boy was it a weird but fun experience. The CD generated monsters were probably the weirdest part...

  • Great humor, great action, and I got to play as Samuel L Jackson! Really good game, recommend it to absolutely everyone... sort of.

  • This is as hardcore as I have ever gotten regarding an RTS. The hundreds of pages of PDFs I downloaded got me pretty damn good at this game by the time I put it down.

  • Loved it, but not quite as much as Medieval 2. Taking over Japan isn't quite as cool as taking over ALL OF EUROPE. Improved in almost every other way, though.

  • Preordered this game one day before it came out. I was that confident that I was going to like it. And I was totally right! This game makes you feel like a genius when things go your way and a dumbass when things go awry.

  • Not incredible, but a good bit of fun. Reminded me of the olden days, and added a few fun things along the way.

  • I got this game really cheap with a Humble Bundle, so it wasn't as if I actively sought it out. I played through it one afternoon and was surprised at how emotional this game became. It was short but sweet, and it really felt like I had been dreaming when I left my PC.

  • Like Proteus, this game came in a Humble Bundle too, although this was the main reason I bought the bundle. It's simply mad fun and pretty well executed. Cutting (almost) everything is just as much fun as it sounds.

  • This game is brutal in the best possible ways. Sometimes, I just want to be a crazy badass with no elaborate motivations. I'm just a batshit killer vigilante beating the living crap out of henchmen in white suits, and it's GREAT (albeit very challenging once in a while).

  • This game has some great points to it. The guns, the traversal, the music. This made it really fun... at times. There are some pretty bad level/enemy design decisions in this game, but the core mechanics make most of the experience very enjoyable.

  • Whenever I thought "Man I'm running out of good games to play," I would always remember that Dust had yet to come to PC. When it finally did, I snatched it up and played it through to completion with relish. The combat was fun without being too complicated, the art was an absolute pleasure to look at, and the story was far deeper and more profound than I had expected. And what makes this game even more amazing is the fact that one man did practically everything!

  • I played about half a dozen Dota 1 games at a tech camp one summer, and found it to be really fun when someone who knew what the hell was going on was standing behind you. Once that camp ended, I was stuck on my own, and every Dota match I joined would kick me out for being a noob. Dota 2 has fixed everything that kept me out of Dota 1 while preserving if not improving what made the gameplay of Dota 1 so great.

  • This game is both very different and very cookie-cutter at the same time. Virtually everything about the platforming is generic, and eventually it is simply in the way of the narrative. A funny narrator who speaks for the little colored blocks you play as is the only reason I got past even the first few levels, but the story itself was touching and left me thinking at the end. The music was also a salvaging factor, with an interesting blend of both digital and traditional media. A had quite a few weird looks from friends and family when they saw me playing this extremely simple looking game on my thousand-dollar PC...

  • This game might actually be bad, but it served a purpose in my gaming life. Scratched an itch, if you will. I just wanted to kill stuff. I had been playing games like Thomas Was Alone and Proteus, and there is a marked lack of face-shooting in those games. Warframe delivers on that front, and while progression is slow and a girl with a Canadian accent tries to speak like some celestial being in your ear, there really isn't anything stopping you from getting to the fast-paced action, which is also fun to do with a few anonymous allies on your tail.

  • Now this is one of those games that I can't really say much about. I dunno, I guess I could say that it's like a movie that is so bad that it's good? I don't know man, it's just random and it's funny and it's... random.

  • The Walking Dead holds a lofty spot on my top ten list, so I had to try the next offering from Telltale games as soon as I could. Everything about The Wolf Among Us seems like it took what made The Walking Dead awesome and improved upon it: the graphics, the voice actors, the music, the combat, everything. I liked The Walking Dead because it was hard-hitting, and was doubtful that this could meet my expectations, but boy was I wrong. No spoilers, but this game swings dark and it swings hard. Love it.

    Ep1: Great beginning, action was good for a TellTale game, characters are interesting. Prospects are bright for this series. REALLY good ending in this episode!

    Ep2: Individual parts were good, but integration into one another was messy. In the moment it felt great, but stepping back and looking at the continuum shows a carelessness/rushed feel to this episode.

    Ep3: Objectively better than episode 2, but was somehow unfulfilling. The episode flowed well, the events were satisfying, and there were new factors revealed, but I didn't get the feeling that it moved the series forward very much.

    Ep4: In a season with only five components, it seems ridiculous that there would be time for filler. And there shouldn't be. But episode 4 felt like just that: keep it going until it can just end. Not bad, but short and did not really push the story forward.

    Ep5: I noticed the downward slope this series was sliding down, and my expectations were situated neatly at the bottom of that slope. However, the finale does manage to call back to events in some previous episodes in interesting ways. It reminded me a little of LA Noire in that there was a lot of listening carefully and deciding your next dialogue with caution. Better than expected, but still not great.

    OVERALL: There was much squandered potential with this series. The first episode was arguably one of the best pieces of content TellTale has ever released, but it was followed by a disturbingly long 4-and-a-half month long wait until the second episode, which felt rushed. I feel like something changed during those 4 months that had to send the series in a different direction; the writing was all of a sudden more sloppy, loose ends were getting hastily tied up, and after episode 1 the achievement names had nothing to do with what was happening in-game anymore. Something changed, and I can't help but wonder what could have been.

  • Great graphics, the story missions were entertaining though not particularly engrossing from a narrative standpoint. Loved the action and systems put in place. I now compare stealth systems from almost any game to the stealth in Far Cry 3.

  • So brutal, and unfairly so sometimes, but SO rewarding. You see your character and your skills honed as the game progresses, and although you never become the perfect badass, it sure feels that way after beating a boss 25 times your height.

  • After Season 1's impact on me, there is very little in this world that would keep me from playing the direct sequel to such a powerful story. Delivers on it's promises of detailing what has happened to Clem after the rather catastrophic end of Season One.

    Ep1: Good, delivered on what I wanted to know directly following the end of the first season: Clem is alive, she went with Omid and Christa, and TellTale has given control of Clem to the player in a satisfying way. It was a little short and the choices did not seem impactful, but I still got a positive "Walking Dead" vibe from it.

    Ep2: Excellent, gave me a chance to interact with people more and also see a familiar face. This episode is a little longer, has far more impactful choices than the first, and actually makes it feel as though the story-arc is well underway. Some of the emotional tension is VERY contrived at points, though.

    Ep3: Passable, was definitely worth playing, but perhaps only as a means to get to the next episode. The conflict and tension in this episode are generated in predictable ways, and some of the writing is frustrating. Also, this episode begins the downward spiral of characters beginning to die, but I feel very little attachment towards them in their last moments.

    Ep4: A bounce back. A good length, some really emotional stuff, but the writing remains a little clunky. There were choices that were obviously going to pan out one way no matter what, but it still managed to lay the groundwork for a finale that I will gladly tune in for.

  • I had absolutely zero interest in this game until Brad went crazy about how good it was, so I picked it up during a Steam sale. I ended up playing through it in four hours, and it felt very well packaged and flowed very nicely. While nothing in this game is bad, only two things really stood out to me: the visuals, and the mechanics at the very end. While the controls are kind of wonky, the way they are integrated into the message and story of the game at the very end make for an emotional punch that makes the player feel very involved. Another thing that proves that this game is exceptional is that my dad watched me play it for three hours... that NEVER happens.

  • I usually only like tower defense games as time killers on my phone or on flash sites, but this game managed to break past that and create an engaging tower defense experience that I actively wanted to keep playing, rather than just play when nothing else was available. The different perks, characters, weapons, difficulties, and towers create a pretty outstanding amount of customization, making what would have been a dull tower defense game with some FPS elements into a fully-fledged title. The multiplayer is a little janky, with a lot of bickering over tower placement ensuing between waves, but overall, it's kind of fun to strategize with others. On top of it all, the art was surprisingly good for what I thought would be a purely mechanics-focused game.

  • When it comes to couch-multiplayer, this game has the highest success of any game in my library. There has yet to be a friend of mine who does not completely love this game the minute they are thrown into a match. It is so easy to grasp and is so visceral; people immediately understand what it is and they love the crap out of it!

  • If you look at a lot of other story-based games I like, you might notice that I really like surreal themes, things that involve screwing with the past, or alternate universes. I only tried this game because Klepek tweeted something about it, and I was so glad I did. As a game, it's simple and a little plodding, but as a story, this is one of the best games I have ever played. It is heart-wrenching but also uplifting, and the whole time you can't help but feel as though it's all a dream. Highly recommended, despite it's short length and sometimes sappy writing.

  • Caesar III appeared earlier on my list for good reason. Banished shares many similar ideas with Caesar and adds many of it's own twists. It is difficult, pretty, comical, and requires serious thinking to do well (which I have not yet been able to do). Sort of tough to learn, probably extremely tough to master.

  • This game barely made this list, but I feel like I had enough interesting experiences with it to say that I "liked" it. I won't go into the plethora of things that this game does poorly. What I did like was the interesting ethical questions this game raised(which are cliche but still fascinating) and the depictions of society decades in the future. The overall art design was really satisfying because not much seemed weird for the sake of being weird: things were generally plausible.

  • While it's predecessor is certainly a wild ride, it was simply a kaleidoscope when compared to the acid-trip that is Saints Row IV. Very little makes any sense in this game, but that is the first of many things to disregard when beginning this game. What makes this game great is smooth super-powered traversal and combat engulfed in an absolutely crazy mesh of pop-culture from the last three decades. The humor is dumb, but in a designed way, not simply dumb to be dumb. The combat makes you feel powerful from the get-go, but that doesn't mean the progression isn't satisfying as well. I had only played SR3 before this, but I would imagine long-time fans of the series would get a kick out of the numerous references to the previous exploits of the Saints peppered throughout this installment. It is tough to say whether a Saints Row V could come next, but one thing is certain: if such a thing were to exist, it just might be crazier than Saints Row IV.

  • One of the coolest looking things in games is aerial dog fighting, but I'm pretty impatient/terrible with any sort of flight simulator. What Luftrausers does is make extreme aerial maneuverability easy. Dives, rises, stalls, and low altitude runs all look AMAZING, but are also incredibly intuitive to execute. In addition to the airtight controls, the customization and challenge list add a ludicrous amount of replay value. Add some awesome art style and music and you get one of my favorite games of 2014!

  • My personal FPS trend continues: play so many other kinds of games that an FPS seems like a good idea again. This time that FPS was Borderlands 2 thanks to a Steam sale, and it strikes me as a rather pure yet bare-bones FPS/RPG experience. The shooting is satisfying, the visuals are satisfying, the looting is satisfying. There is very little in this game that can be described as "less than satisfactory" and indeed the quest for epic guns in this title is a unique trait that few other games can boast of.

  • My first reaction to Wolfenstein as a franchise was "Boy that sounds stupid." It took watching the (incredible) trailers for this game to get me interested. The alternate history thing was quite fun to ponder, and the fact that Starbreeze guys were developing the title really helped me feel at least a little confident that this game wasn't going to be terrible. The story is engaging yet jarring, with surprisingly poignant scenes transitioning into completely ludicrous violence and killing. The mechanics are solid, with a throwback to old-timey health and armor, but with a few changes made so as to not completely alienate the newcomer. Also, this is a good-looking game, with very detailed faces and varied environments.

  • One of the most emotional games I have ever played. The human struggles portrayed are so easily understood and I simply couldn't keep myself from caring about each and every character. The soundtrack is both adorable and incredibly touching, the art style is simply gorgeous, and the gameplay is satisfying enough. In some ways the game throws contrived obstacles in your way so that it can be called a game, but very few are truly frustrating. Overall, this is an experience that should not be missed, for in our time we often forget the struggles that took place during The Great War.