GOTY 2014

Didn't play many finished games in 2014, and there weren't many games I wanted to play anyways. Therefore, couldn't find enough games to fill out 10 slots.

List items

  • An immensely pleasant surprise, Shadow of Mordor was a gorgeous, innovative, and mechanically-sound game that rose above the competition not because of any one thing, but because it did everything well and got nothing horribly wrong.

  • An incredibly tight package, Luftrausers does one thing and does it better than any other game I've ever played: dogfighting. The controls are solid, the music is fantastic, and the customization provides enough incentive to come back for more.

  • While not perfect, The New Order featured fantastic visuals, satisfying retro combat, great acting, and a multitude of terrific plot points scattered throughout a somewhat disjointed and ridiculous narrative.

  • Banished is not ambitious, but that allows it to be focused. While it delivers only what it promises, it promises a very satisfying and challenging management game with nice visuals and emergent gameplay.

  • While it doesn't innovate as a game, Valiant Hearts sets its sights on telling a touching, identifiable narrative. With a charming art-style, likeable characters, and a heart-breaking conclusion, this game is definitely worth playing.

  • Didn't play much, but sheer immersion this title offers makes even two hours of aimless wandering a delight. Combine that with a mysterious narrative and solid soundtrack, and it gets a spot on my top ten.

  • While ultimately disappointing, TWAU started off with a hell of a bang. Even though the plot didn't hold up, the visuals and atmosphere remained appealing throughout.

  • A pleasant, wordless trip through a touching little narrative. With an extremely emotional soundtrack and intriguing method of presentation, A Bird Story was worth a little over an hour to play through.

  • A good collection of episodes with hard choices and interesting characters, but with a weak overall arch. A nice game on it's own, but a towering disappointment when presented as a successor to TWD Season 1.