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Gacha Games that I have tried

I've tried a lot of gacha games. This isn't all of them but it's a good number of them.

List items

  • Waifu collector, auto game. Censored art in global release.

  • Waifu collector. Auto battle. Maps too small to really have much going on.

  • It's a "gacha" game, but you don't really do much of the actual gacha mechanic. You use premium currency to straight up buy characters and you only gacha for gear and the only desirable thing you want from the gacha (at the time I was playing) was a character's "true weapon".

    This game is life-consuming with the amount of auto-battling grinding it has and you need to do in order to progress sufficiently.

  • RIP YOU BEAUTIFUL GACHA GAME. Quite possibly one of my favorite gacha games of all time. The gameplay was very reminiscent of the classic Tales of combat. The game was very generous with both the gacha system and handing out premium currency. You got all the characters for free via story/event. You were given 2 good weapons/skills for all the event characters. This game was so good and it was so fun. Unfortunately Bandai Namco cancelled the global service of this game. I still miss playing this game to this day.

  • Forgettable Gacha Game

    Has Auto Battle

  • SRPG mainly played via auto battle. You cannot auto in the multiplayer and it seemed like the multiplayer community revolved around simply using one of a handful of "meta" units to carry/solo multiplayer matches. Has had many collaborations with other anime/games/franchises.

  • It's Blitzball from Final Fantasy X, but actual soccer. Also it's a gacha game so it's not at all balanced. This succeeds in removing any semblance of fun since you win or lose by simply having bigger or smaller numbers.

    Has an Auto Feature

  • A game where you get all the characters for free via story/events. You gacha for weapons to make the characters actually competent. The gacha is relatively generous with a pity system guaranteeing a certain rarity of gear with a multi-pull. The game is fairly stingy with the premium currency used to do the gacha which ends up in most players having to skip certain characters to save up for others.

    Has an auto feature - it's terrible

  • Weirdly enough a game published by Square Enix, but not developed by them. Gameplay is a bit reminiscent of a 2D Tales of game. There are three lanes in a 2D environment with sprites. The game plays kind of like a brawler but the characters only have one combo if I remember correctly. Also has no stamina system

    Has an Auto feature

  • A generic gacha turn based RPG battler. Completely forgettable.

  • Waifu collector with mech SRPG gameplay. Auto battler. Takes up a lot of space.

  • Designed to be more like a fake MMO. You create your character and a partner character. The amount of VN content turned me off.

    No Auto feature

  • The only gacha game that I know of that plays like a 2D brawler. It is fairly fun to play for a little bit. It has a parry system that can feel good to execute, but then there are attacks that cannot be parried. The pity system of the gacha seemed fair. There is notably no stamina system allowing a player to grind infinitely.

    There is no auto feature

  • This game is surprisingly good. The combat is turned based and seems to have some minor sense of depth. The main downside is it feels terribly optimized in terms of size since it takes upwards of over 3GB of space despite the main gameplay consisting of 2D sprites.

    Has auto feature

  • Forgettable real-time gacha game with a "dark" aesthetic.

  • The one game that has kept me playing from day one

  • Real-time "action" game. Ultra stiff. Mainly just devolved into using your skills and seeing who has the bigger number. Features real-time multiplayer but experienced a lot of terrible lag.

    No auto feature.

  • Standard generic real-time gacha with an auto battle feature

  • Standard generic turn-based gacha with an auto battle feature

  • Auto Grind city. The story was interesting and engaging from what I played, but the auto grind requirements to continue progressing turned me off.

  • The only redeeming quality of this game is the music.

  • A game that basically baited me in with anime collaboration events and kept me with gameplay and animation style that is interesting enough.

  • Suffering simulator. The game itself is fairly simple. The combat doesn't have much depth and the main appeal is to collect your favorite servant(s), but the game's abysmal gacha rates and lack of any form of pity system make getting your favorite servant an experience filled with suffering. On the other hand the game can be considered generous in giving out event servants for free that are often considered to be very good.

    It has no auto feature.

  • Action game. No auto battle. Plays okay-ish but not good enough to justify grinding through without an auto feature.

  • This was cute but got old after a while because the game felt ultimately limited with how simplistic they decided to design the turn-based combat.

  • Powercreep, the game.

  • This is a game that looked at Granblue Fantasy and thought they should just rip that off but have a real-time combat system instead of a turn-based one. Also have way less of a budget.

    Has an auto feature

  • Waifu ship collector. Has auto feature. Confusing systems to me.

  • I started playing this game because they had a Nier:Automata collaboration in Japan. The game is okay. Nothing is particularly difficult because the combat is all in real time so you can dodge any attack if you're paying attention. The game is stingy with letting you limit break characters after launch. The main meat and potatoes of the gameplay is a multiplayer grind fest.

    Has an auto feature