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A good and different story gets lost behind buggy mechanics 0

Contrast is an interesting story that I haven't seen told in video games. Its told around a young girl and her family struggles. You play as her friend that only she can see. The game that comes with that story is also a novel idea of shifting into shadows to solve puzzles and reach places you normally could not. The problem is that gameplay is a buggy mess. Frustration can set in pretty easily due to the number of times you have to hit "restart from checkpoint" because you have gotten pinned i...

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Entertaining Hack & Slash 0

It's a  fun, goofy, hack & slash with some dry humor thrown in.  It lost a lot of it's charm about half way through but I was invested enough by then to see it through to the finish.  The block and combo mechanics are pretty forgetable and I didn't even use them most of the time.  Equipment management is saved by an auto feature which keeps you out of menus for the most part.  It's a fun time waster, but nothing to laud about.    ...

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Battlefield moments in download form. 0

Battlefield moments are truly a hallmark of any title with Battlefield in the title.  My favorite from playing 1943 was as I was running alongside a friendly tank as an enemy airplane swoops down to bomb it.  The tank exploded right next to me making me wonder how I even survived.  Just to my right is an anti-aircraft gun that shot down the enemy aircraft in an explosion above my head.  The resulting debris from the falling aircraft continues to fly over my head directly into the anti-aircr...

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