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Foundation 9 Entertainment Bit Mix: Holiday Sessions 2008

Holy shit! I'm on one of them there see dees!

A little while ago I did a gameboy cover of Auld Lang Syne for a special holiday mailer CD that was sent out by Foundation 9 entertaiment to various press and companies in December. I just got my copies in the mail yesterday!

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It's a pretty sweet 8bit christmas CD featuring a few of my fellow chipchoon bros (and sises) ComputeHer, 8bitweapon, Leeni, Budmelvin, CCivory, and Unicorn Dream Attack.

Description on the back:

"We're proud to present an album of Holiday inspired Chip Tunes." Chip music got its start in the 1980s,as composers worked with the limited hardware of early game systems, such as the Commodor 64 NES and Sega Genesis, to create sountracks for games. Today an arsenal of underground talent has resurrected the genre, using obsolete hardware to create cutting edge music. Many of the top chip-tune creators have gathered for this compilation, Putting thier "bitty" spin on traditional, seasonal songs."

Track Listing:

8 Bit Weapon - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
ComputeHer - Deck the Halls
Leeni - Silent Night
8 Bit Weapon - Hanukkah
Bud Melvin - Toyland
Doctor Octoroc - We Three Kings
DJ Mike Haggar - The 8 Bits of Christmas
CCIVORY - Joy to the World
Melbot - O Christmas Tree
Unicorn Dream Attack - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Dauragon - Auld Lang Syne

Kotaku post about the CD

Joystiq post about the CD (well mostly about all the mailers they got, but they do mention that the CD was the niftiest of them all!)

I was wondering, Did Giantbomb get any holiday mailers and if so, did they recieve one of these CDs? Cause that would be hella awesome.

Oh Hai

Hello to, and hello to another blog that I may or may not update on a daily basis!

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