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Time to finish some games

So, I am really bad at finishing games. I am the type of person who will just buy a game because it's one of those "MUST PLAY" titles, or if it's in the 5 dollar bin at a gamestop. I then take the game home, play it around halfway trough (if even that much) and promptly toss it into my game bin so I can start playing another game I've bought for the same reasons.

The quest to finish these games begins tonight. Here is the list of games that I currently need to complete before I allow myself to buy a new game in the order of my desire to return to them:

1.) Beyond Good and Evil (a few hours in)
2.) Okami (maybe 1/4 done)
3.) Ico (a few hours in)
4.) Bioshock (about an hour and a half in)
5.) Re: Chain of memories (45 minute in)
6.) Rogue Galaxy (about 3/4ths done)

First up: Beyond Good and Evil

Time to crack open the ole game bin!

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