GOTY 2016

List items

  • Two years in a row, an episodic game (last year it was Life is Strange) has been my GOTY.

  • After a shaky start on PC, I'm enjoying FH3 as much as I did Burnout Paradise on release.

  • A game I had to physically stop myself playing after 80 hours (after creating my own victory condition) because work was beginning to pile up.

  • Gameplay AND style, you say?

  • The best 'one of those' I've ever played.

  • Civ VI is more than I could have hoped for and the only game on this list I can confidently see myself playing 5 years from now.

  • Early Access done right. The randomness is maybe a bit too much at times but I love the loop, I love the art, I love the feel.

  • A game that makes me anxious while playing and relieved when I stop. Yep, it's THAT good!

  • PC version.

    I'm glad the PC port was so good as I'd given up on the original console editions because they performed so poorly.

  • The perfect antidote to a level of Thumper.