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Intense Next-gen Racing 0

MotorStorm by evolution studios sold to date: 2.75million and counting Let me start with a huge thanks to evolution studios for making an alternative racer for a new platform which turned out this good. In Motorstorm you'll be racing bikes, quads, rally car, trucks, buggies and anything else you can think of for an off road adventure. All of these car classes have their pros and cons which are evened out nicely on every track. Taking the mud with a bike is usually not such a great idea. especi...

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Get Hooked Now 0

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Ahh... what is left to say about guitar hero? Well lets start at the beginning, I'll make it quick. I went out and bought guitar hero 3 on PS3. I had never played any other one. the only reason i was interested was because i play guitar myself. and from my first completed song, (lay down - Priestess in medium) i was hooked. the more songs i tried and the harder i played them at, i got more and more hooked to the game. At one stage i had to stop playing for a day...

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The first truely grat game for PS3 0

Resistance fall of man by Insomniac games Resistance is a launch game for the PS3 and if you own one, you best pick up this game. It is definatly one of the best Next gen FPS so far. It has a very creative alternative history which definatly one of the best things about this game it delivers for a great experience. The graphics for a launch game of any platform usually isn't top notch but with resistance, you wont be disappointed, from very small detail's on the environment, to amazing looking ...

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Uncharted Is Amazing! 0

Uncharted: Drakes fortune by Naughty Dog From the first opening movie uncharted has you strapped in your seat, if you like action adventure games and lost treasure type storyline, the masters from Naughty Dog have a gem for you. And what a beauty it is, from the Graphics to Sound, from Storyline to gameplay, this game is absolutely brilliant. Lets start of with drake, a not so fortunate 21st century treasure hunter. He fits in this game like destruction at a Germany-Holland soccer match. (im ...

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