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Same game as before, but better quality. 0

Grand Theft Auto IV is not radically different to its last generation predecessors. It only introduces a handful of new features, many of which are fairly minor. You still commit thefts, assaults and murders in return for money. You still have to work for untrustworthy criminals who might stab you in the back at any time. You're still in . But GTA IV is better than its predecessors. It may be built on the same concept, but this time round, all of the small nuts and bolts that put GTA together ar...

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New ways of doing things and shiny graphics, but same old MGS. 0

Although Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots introduces a variety of new ways to kill your enemies, at heart, it’s still the same game it’s always been. The gameplay has been tightened up and vastly improved, but underneath that, all that gamers have come to expect from the Metal Gear Solid series remains. Convoluted plot lines, unbelievable twists, out of this world characters and nanomachines are all still present in MGS4. Despite being fundamentally the same as its predecessors, MGS4 get...

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