F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

Unbranded Box Art
Unbranded Box Art
So I'm writing a blog on Fear 2, I've played the game about three times on the PC and once on the PS3. The first time I played Fear 2 when it just came out I had a relatively bad PC system so I had to pretty much play everything on medium, in order for some smooth gaming experience. I really loved the original fear so I pretty much had no complaints about fear 2 unlike everybody else around me telling me ''oh it's not that much better'' or ''It's slightly Improved'' I thought the game was vastly different and was excited to get started ,I find the game very comfortable just being in the game, I liked the default controls and the way you would aim with shift and melee with mouse click 2 opposed to other FPS games where aiming down the sight or zooming in is done with mouse button 2 and shift used to run/walk.
 I know it's supposed to be fright filled game or freaky but roaming the halls with Alma harassing you and with replica soldiers assaulting you or getting torn apart randomy by Alma all round is just very comforting for me, because I just love fear too much to be scared, don't get me wrong, on my first play-through I did jump at a few things but the reflex slow motion you get does make you nearly unkillable, ya know? imagine you were one of those replica soldiers.. unfair right? anyway I think I almost played the game in one sitting, woke up in the morning and finished the rest of it off in two hours, I was always eager to get to the next scene, I played it on Hard and died a great many times. The Ending was most interesting and worrying at the same time with Alma rubbing her belly after the chamber opened but what concerned me the most was stokes shot lying on the edges of the dome and the dome seemed to close on her since you don't see her move or anything I read somewhere that stokes was shot in the head? but in all three plays I seemed to remember her getting shot in the stomach but that could just me seeing what I want to see over and over again because I'd hate stokes to die but yeah that concerned me because I hoped she wouldn't die, but when the dome opens up there's nothing there nobody in sight so who knows, hopefully they pull a mass effect 2 on her like Shepard.
On the other playthroughs knowing everything already the hard difficulty level came easier, not on the PS3 however, that was a challenge and effectively made the game scarier although I found the graphics quite horrendous on the PS3 compared to the PC what made it worse was my TV I have connected to my ps3 has a terrible MS rate alot of the game was a blur looking left and right. I eventually managed to finish the game up on hard on a large amount of sittings because playing the game is a lot harder with that analog controller compared to a mouse.
This game is a 9/10 for me  and I'm looking foward to F.3.A.R , I wonder why they called it F.3.A.R and not F.E.A.R 3 because First encounter assault recon is no longer viable in F3AR its First Three Assault Recon lol, It does look cool on the box art though
anyway this ain't no review so I'm not looking for critics like the last bunch of assholes that attacked my blog post this is just my 2 cents on the game, that said I'm probably not going to post my blogs in the forum anymore anyway so it shouldn't be an easy task for the trolls to find