Win PiP Episode 3

So @smashecontrollers hosts a podcast and lets @mooseymcman and myself recorded it with him. We sat down and talked about our PAX experiences and what not this time. Also @smashecontrollers was awesome and did some extra editing on this one so I hope it is a little better of an experience.

Oh ya here it is. LISTEN HERE (269.2 Mbs)

If you want to talk about it you should probably do it on the Official post over here. @smashecontrollers would love to hear any feedback you have.

Start the Conversation

Here is an idea.

Before a new user can post on the forums they must 1st change from the default icon, and then they must wait a week. After that week they can start making post, but they can not start threads. In order to start a thread they must have at least 100 post in other threads. After all that they can post one thread a week until they make 5 threads that are not flagged by at least 2 people or are locked. After they meet all that they can be considered real members and be allowed to do what they want.  
This is not all serious.


Help me kill the keys of evil!

Ok there are two keys on my keyboard that plague me to no end. One is CAPSLOCK the other is a very very very stupid key that would normally switch my screen from my laptops screen to a monitor. The thing is I have no monitor hooked up so it just turns the screen black for a while while it thinks about how it doesn't do anything. I need these keys dead! I need to make it so pressing these keys does nothing at all, I want to disable them. However the stupid screen key is also F1 but only when I press the Fn key. I would like to somehow make it so it only works in that way. Can anyone help me?


I just..

I just hate being alone, so alone.  I wish I could meet someone and have it work for once. Well I would have to meet someone fist...
I also hate thinking about my future. I was being asked and prodded about it today and I did not like it at all. I don't know what will happen and I just want to live and care about the now.


More fake Wiis

So a while ago I made a blog about fake Wiis I saw at CVS. I was at another drug store today, this time Rite Aid and I saw yet another brad of fake Wii.

 That 19.99 is for something else it is indeed 40.
 That 19.99 is for something else it is indeed 40.

Well this one looks a bit more like a Wii then the others. The other bigger model was 40 dollars too but had 8 less "games'. This one also comes with those stupid plastic add ons they sell for wiimotes to make them look like sports equipment.
Sadly I do not have any money, so I could not buy it. If I had 80 bucks I would buy both and do unboxings and right a review or something. One day, one day.

That GOTY thing.

Yup I am going to go with Mass Effect 2. While I did not play Red Dead yet I am going to say my love of Sci Fi beats my love of Westerns. I love ME2 and I am sure no game can beat it. It was just so amazing.

 Here is a picture of Garrus and a hawt Lady Shepard.
 Here is a picture of Garrus and a hawt Lady Shepard.


I have anxiety, aka I always feel anxious. I always feel stressed, always. Is it because of the guilt? Probably. Is it because I chemically imbalanced? Maybe. I do take pills for it and my depression, but here I am sad and anxious. It is not nice to always have to deal with the pressure bearing down on me. It is very hard to be calm and relaxed. very hard to be happy and okay. Is it loneliness?  Maybe. Would I still feel this way even if I was with someone? Most likely.  
I sit on the precipice of darkness, the void of despair, and the cliff of madness. 
It is not that hard to fall in.

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