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Quickly Released. Quickly Forgotten. 0

Contrast is a classic example of a game that could have done with a little more time in the oven. Its got great potential but a combination of a bad camera, bugs and fiddly puzzle solving ruin a world that is interesting to look at and explore.The world of contrast is without doubt its strongest feature. It is, at times beautiful and it is sylized in such a way that it serves to stand out when just taking a passing glance. The aesthetic reminded me of some sort of lovechild between Bioshock inf...

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Maybe More Important Than We Realise. 0

Papers Please is a masterpiece in recreating the modern mundaity of work and its dehumanising effects on us in a modern era of targeted workflows and admin jobs. It managed to make me think about what a game can be , what my attitude towards my working life is and the hierarchies of families. The truly incredible thing is it achieved all this while still somehow managing to deliver a game experience that was still a game and most importantly, fun to play.As a brief setup you play as a b...

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Conflicting Thoughts. 0

Need for speed Rivals is a game of conflict. Conflict on the road, conflict in regards to the score I should give it and conflict in regards to its never ending struggle to feed my game world with real players. In short NFS Rivals doesn’t quite reach the incredible highs that it aspires to due to design issues with its multiplayer but even with those issues, im having a blast.NFS Rivals can be broken down into three key components for me. Driving, the world and multiplayer. Lets address the good...

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I Needn't Have Worried... 0

When writing up my thoughts on Portal 2 I had two options 1. I could attempt to be spoiler free and vague with my thoughts essentially smearing my review in a thin layer of Vaseline like vagueness or 2.I can just say what I want and preface the whole thing like this POTENTIAL SPOLERS!…There you’ve been warned. Now read on.If I had one wish regarding the gaming industry it’s this. I wish all developers had a second income stream like Steam for Valve and WOW for Blizzard because I wish every devel...

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League of Evil. The review 0

League of Evil is like an abusive girlfriend. You play with her for a bit, she seems easy to be with at first and then BAM! Shes a bitch. Problem is with most abusive relationships…they’re kinda hard to put to rest, and i still havnt been able to put LoE to rest.LoE is a platformer with an evil difficulty level. A platformer with over 100 levels that are perfectly designed for the short sharp bursts of gaming that suit mobile gaming so well. A level typically lasts under a minute from start to f...

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A stepping stone to acceptance 0

  Enslaved, Enslaved, Enslaved, Im really not sure where you came from but im damn glad you arrived in my 360’s disc tray. Enslaved is a game that, although ive been aware of its development/existance through trailers, just never lit my fire through the entire duration of its pre release marketing cycle. If im perfectly honest i think i watched the first trailer for Enslaved right after i watched the first trailer for Quantum Theory and i think Quantum Theory's extreme generic-ness possibly spil...

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