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Just starting out

Hello? Check, check... Is this thing on?
Ok, good. Hello internet! Welcome to my brand new blog on GiantBomb.com, your #1 source for anything and everything video game and reality related! I just started this baby up to show some appreciation for the guys in the office for making this place, so here I am!
Conveniently this is my first blog ever, and most likely will be my only one. I'm not too big on writing mindless stuff about myself, but I figure if I should do it somewhere, it should be amongst people much like myself. Speaking of people like myself, how about I say who I am? Yeah, let's do that.
The name's Alex, and I'm a Canadian. I've been into gaming since my childhood. I used to be an athletic kid, but then the N64 entered my house, and BAM. Like that, I was hooked. I played anything I could get my hands on, even an old Game and Watch I found in my closet. Nowadays you can find me playing PS3 (JohnnyWuzzisname), or the 360 (SaveYourXavier). I would play PC games too, but I'm between jobs right now and can't afford a new graphics card/motherboard. I did have a BFG 6300 GTOC, but it crapped out one day when watching Family Guy... Figures, huh? So, I've just been laying low on the consoles making my way through select new releases that I deem purchasable (at the time). I guess I should say that I'm not an achievement (or trophy) hunter, but looks like I'll have to start doing some huntin' for the S rank quests.
A lot of my life these days revolves around two things: video games, and cars. I recently graduated from a local community college program for Automotive Service and Repair, and I'm looking for a job in the industry, but it's harder than you would think it is. It's not as bad as it sounds though, because despite living on the east coast of the big C-A-N we've been having some good weather. If you're a car person, then to get to know me all you need to know is I like Imprezas more than Mustangs, but I still know all about 'em.
I guess that's about it. I'll catch ya later on!