StarCraft II: I'm dreaming it

So I think I may have played a little too much SCII this weekend.  And watching SCII Replays.  And talking about the game. I ended up dreaming about the game almost all of last night and I'm not sure I slept at all.
StarCraft II is a long-awaited game for me.  I very much enjoyed SC & SC:BW.  I was one of the better players in my circle of friends, but was still routinely trounced on if I went too far on the ladder.  I was never one of the best, really, but I was a big Terran fish in my small pond.  I played throughout High School and a bit of college.  One of my treasured moments was in my dorm days when there was a tournament declared between my building and another in the same complex.  My friend and co-dorm resident let me know, since they weren't advertising to girls, that our building was doing their qualifiers.  I jumped in, beat all of the people in my brackets (to the surprise of several of the guys) and was one of the four for our 4v4 team.   We won the 4v4, and I personally took out 1.5 of the opposing team (my teammates helped on the 2nd attack).
Now SCII beta is here and I was part of the 2nd wave of invites.  Having played at PAX I at least knew that my supply depots would go underground and that the Queens for Zerg were completely different.  I've vastly enjoyed my beta experience so far, even if I spent most of the first part in copper and now seemed trapped in bronze.  My two biggest faults are: Not building enough SCVs and not spending my money.  I will often be in the mid game with 500-1000 minerals in the bank because I have still not built more than 3 barracks and/or am not constantly pumping from them.  Which leads to a big army vs. army battle where if I lose I've lost the game because hey, the other dude spent that money and I didn't.
As for the SCVs, I know I should be trying for a total of 30 before my first expo.  And yet I watch my replays and I seem to hover at 23-25 max before expoing and maybe remembering to build another 5-10 (not nearly the 45 I should have) for the main/expo.  I'm decent at keeping my MULEs down constantly, but that explains the mineral glut as I expand later and don't immediately prioritize my gas.
Anyhow, if anyone has cute tricks to help them remember to build peons (other than muscle memory, and hotkeying my CC which I do, I just forget to smack S constantly) I'm open to hearing them.  Or just talking more about SCII here.  I'm at work so I can't play.  =]