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Daylight could have been so much more... 0

(Personal Score & Reasons to buy down below)Daylight promised a lot of things, and most of those things weren't delivered. But let's not focus on what it should have been, but on what it is. I am a huge horror fan, and I have probably played most of the horror games out there, or at least tried them.Daylight is procedurally generated, which is a double edged sword, on one hand, you have supposedly unlimited ways to get scared, but here lies one of the biggest gripes of the game for me: ther...

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When you hear the Siren, it might be too late. 0

Siren was first released in PlayStation 2 some years ago and it was very frustrating, and I mean, very, This was a huge turn-off for the game and it eventually made me never finish the game. Then came Siren 2 with all this fixed, now you could choose a game difficulty level and play the game the way you want it. And then Siren: Blood Curse was announced as remake of the first Siren for the PS2. If it is a straigh-up remake I can't say, I haven't played the original for a long time, but I read it...

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PW:AA: Justice for All is a good game. But a huge downfall. 0

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All (METALLICA! ... wait, what? lol) is a port from the original japanese version of the game that was released for the GameBoy Advance. So yeah, like the first game, don't expect many stylus features or other NDS specifics you might see on exclusives for the console. Or even awesome graphics, it's 2D anime, and it looks awesome. 01 - STORY ||As in the first game of the series, this is the biggest pro of the game. If you don't like to read or don't lik...

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Very good horror game 1

Review for "Cold Fear" (This review was written based on the PS2 version of "Cold Fear") Written by: DawnClover Well.. first of all, this is my first review at and i'ld like to say how it goes! I'll divide the review in 8 categories: - About the Game - First Impression - Story - Graphics - Sound - Controls - Re-Play Value - Overall Cold Fear :: About the Game No, Cold Fear ain't just 'another horror game' in the market. Cold Fear brought a new way of terrorizing even the stron...

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One of the best RPGs for GBA 0

"Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga" review for the GBA Written by: DawnClover Who played "Mario RPG" for the SNES? Well... it was not very, very famous (at least here in Portugal), but it was a good game overall. Well, i was reading a magazine and i read: "An RPG based on Nintendo's Mario is being made for the GBA", and the first thing i thought was "WOW! COOL! Another Mario RPG!". Yes, i love Mario RPG for the SNES, and yes, I TOTTALY LOVE Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga! Prepare for probabl...

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Fun for the whole family! 0

I'll be honest. First time I saw videos of Wii Sports I thought it would be really boring (seeing how on tennis the characters move automatically, etc). But I was wrong. I got the Wii and Zelda, but the first thing I did (since I knew I would be spending more time on Zelda) was slide in the Wii Sports disk. It was FUN. REALLY FUN. Being my favorite the Bowling one, I found myself playing it for 40 minutes. I got totally on the game, it was awesome. Then I made my mother play Tennis, and she ...

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Great story and good gameplay. Too short though. 0

After playing Hotel Dusk: Room 215, I immediatly searched for a similar game for the Nintendo DS. This one was the first to come up, as it was made by the same team, so I was really anxious to get it. As soon as I found it in a store I bought it, went home and played for the rest of the day. And well.. that unfortunately was it, the rest of the day. 01 - STORY || The story is excelent (I love paranormal stuff) and it follows Ashley Mizuki who is a 13 year old girl that has been living with her ...

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One of those games you will not want to put down until the end! 0

Hotel Dusk is one of those games you will not want to put down until everything has been solved. If you like misteries and crime stories you've come to the right place. This was the first game I got for the DS and man what a game, it will remain in my memory for a long long time. 01 - STORY || As usual in this kind of games, the story is the main feature and this one delivers one hell of a ride! Twists will come from nowhere and you will be sometimes left with an open mouth thinking "How did ...

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Great Platform-RPG! 0

As usual, Nintendo likes to amazes us more and more with every released Mario game. It's amazing for how long the moustached italian plummer dude has been around (since my friggin' childhood!) and he yet amazes us just like before. Peach has been kidnaped... And well.. You know the drill. :P Oh wait! But this time, it was not Bowser *shocker*. It was some dude that calls himself "Count Bleck" (and hell, he likes to say his name a lot). And this time, Mario must unite with his friends (and foes...

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House MD's favorite game I presume. 0

I bought this game because of the apparant addictive gameplay, good anime characters and story, and also my love for medical tv shows like House MD or ER. And I was not let down! 01 - STORY || You play as Dr. Derek Stiles (more like Stylus lol), a newbie doctor performing different surgeries using your NDS's stylus. A new disease called GUILT is spreading faster and only a hand-full of doctors with 'special habilities' (will.not.spoil.) can save us from it! And guess what? You (Derek) are one o...

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Can be frustrating, fun, funny and serious at the same time! 0

Before buying this game, I did my studies: - Read some reviews; - Watched some videos; - Pictures, etc. And then after i was "sold" I got it (it was actually cheap! so I didn't think twice). Thank GOD I didn't think twice! Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney for the Nintendo DS is a port from the japanese original on the GBA so, don't expect huge interaction with the stylus and other NDS unique features (except in the last chapter that was built exclusively for the english version of the game f...

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SH0 is scary, disturbing and very entertaining. 0

Welcome to Silent Hill. Or welcome back to Silent Hill if this is not your first SH game. For me it's not, I've played through all the 4 (now 5) titles of this wonderful franchise (my favorite actually) and intend to replay them for as long as I live. I'm what you could call a SH-maniac. So, does SH0 disappoint or not? No. It does not. Let's divide this review into different categories: 01 - STORY The story is very good and very reminiscent of SH2 (because of the emotional part), but not goin...

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