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Instead Of A Video Blog, A Movie Trailer

I recorded a video blog this morning and wanted to upload it onto "that other site" so I could embed it here but, as usual, their video upload service is broken at the moment, so it'll have to wait.

Otherwise, I have been playing some single player Castle Crashers today and, thankfully, I haven't had any problems with it.  In fact, I am really enjoying this game.  Although I'd love to play it with other people, I can settle for the single player for now.  On another related note, I tried a 2-player game today, after emptying my 360's cache, but it still didn't work.  Ah well...

So, instead of a video blog, let me present to you the latest trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie, starring Mark Wahlberg.  This actually has me hyped for the movie and seems to have something special about it which might actually break the bad-games-to-movies cycle.  Watch it and tell me what you think.