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A Magical Mystery Tour You Don't Want To Miss 0

 Music. It moves us, molds us, makes us who we are. It brings out emotions within us and floods our brains with distant memories of days long gone. For almost 5 years now, music video games have tried to incorporate all of those things successfully, but none of them have succeeded the way The Beatles: Rock Band has. This glorious look back at the most popular band in history is filled with wonderment and marvel and is, simply put, awesome. As soon as you jump into The Beatles: Rock Band, you ar...

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Sadly, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a big disappointment. 0

Let's face it; video games derived from movies are oftentimes bound for disaster. A blockbuster in Hollywood almost never equates to a sure fire hit in the gaming world. However, there are exceptions to the rule, as some of these games will build upon an existing movie franchise, crafting their own unique stories while keeping true to its source material. Ghostbusters: The Video Game can easily be classified as one of those games.The game takes place during Thanksgiving 1991, two years after the...

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The Sims 3 is the best in the series, bar none. 1

Once upon a time, a man named Will Wright came up with an idea for a video game which would let us control the virtual lives of pixelated people known as The Sims. We could mold and shape them to be mirror images of ourselves or of our friends, family or neighbors. We could give them houses and lives we only dreamt about in real life and watch them succeed, or completely screw up their existence. His idea caught on like wildfire through the gaming masses, spawning a sequel and a truckload of exp...

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Repetitive, broken, bug-riddled and bad. 2

For developer Pandemic and publisher EA, releasing Mercenaries 2 at the front-end of the holiday rush seemed like a wise decision on their part. The first game, released in 2005, was well received by critics and gamers alike for its over-the-top but solid gameplay, impressive storyline and diverse and eccentric cast of characters. For the second game, the guys at Pandemic promised a bigger and better playground of destruction, with more explosions and, of course, more fun. They did deliver on th...

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Wanna blow stuff up? Get Bad Company. 0

If I wanted to make this review short and sweet, I'd probably just say "If you like blowing stuff up and killing a bunch of people while doing it, then Battlefield Bad Company is the game for you." But since I like to add a bit of professionalism to my reviews, I'll delve a bit more into the game and give you a more enlightened point of view on this first-person shooter. Battlefield Bad Company comes from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts and chronicles the adventures of B-Company...

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Top Spin 3 isn't easy, but it sure is good. 1

Summer is finally here and with it comes another season of tennis, as the pros take to the courts to amaze and delight us. It's also the perfect time for game companies to release their take on the sport, for those of us who enjoy playing tennis with a controller instead of a racket. Top Spin 3, from publisher 2K Sports and developer Pam Development, is the third game in the Top Spin series and the only tennis game scheduled for this summer. Unlike other games from other publishers before it, T...

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