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Time-bending puzzle-solving at its finest. 0

 This looks so easy, doesn't it? Much like Inception, self-raising flour, and reading Arabic, Braid is confusing. Braid defines confusion. Everything, from its story to it's mind-bending puzzles, makes you boggle at the sheer complexity of the game. If you feel comfortable with one aspect of the game, it completely changes to keep you as delirious as you were at the beginning. Only one thing remains the same: Braid is a deep and rewarding puzzle game; an achievement that will leave you ponderi...

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A good game to play; however once you've played it once, thats it 1

Burn Zombie Burn is a game where you play as a dude(s) who look a lot like Brad or Vinny and kill zombies. It sounds like a very simple concept; after all, there are dozens of zombie killing games that are in the market nowadays. However, no zombie killing game is quite like this; with a very interesting if not slightly complex scoring system and a variety of zombies that will alter your strategy dramatically, Burn Zombie Burn is a great blast to play first time. However, after you have played i...

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