Godzilla Monster Mayhem

I love Godzilla and I love video games. I'm also well into the iPhone and when I find a Godzilla game for the iPhone (even though it looked bad) I have to try it. One transaction later I'm playing an Indian made, one level and two character featuring, glitchy as hell 'game'. Observe! 


SO, MW2 then!

Finished it last night in one sitting. It was cool. The plot had a few holes and jumping around the globe made it a bit confusing as the what was going on, but each level was its own spectacle. Filled with big set pieces, great action, and flawless technical aspects (graphics, sound control).

Soap is awesome.

The airport scene was grim but only because you couldn't show your real humanity.

I've not started playing online yet. I want to get a bit tastier with the controls & play through on Veteran.

Defending burger-town was immense! :)


Damn it.

Just found out there's a hard difficulty setting on Dead Space, so I won't be seeing my  Epic Tier 3 150-points achievement any time soon. Still enjoying the game though. Using stasis on the undead baby monsters while planting an explosive Line Gun charge by them and walking away is both kick and bad-ass.


Changed my icon and loyalty.

So I'm a Microsoft fan-boy it would seem. I do like my Xbox 360 games so I guess that's why I'm stuck lovin' M$ (that's trendy for Microsoft). Also I decided to change my icon for the sake of change, nothing more. However! I have a question. Why does the Wii get red text here? Surely the PS3 should have red text and the Wii have blue. Green makes sense for the Xbox 360, but the Wii surely would be blue (it has cute blue lights) and if you ever wondered why the PS3 should be associated with red - PS3 Soul Caliber gets Darth Vader and that means RED.

Perhaps this has been answered somewhere else on the site, but I must know! Answers please! :)


The Dark Knight

Yup, awesome. Absolutely dark and just plain awesome. Now all they have to do is make a shoddy next-gen game of it and things will be back to normal!

Seriously I hope they don't try and replicate this in a game. I'd sooner they try and make Lego Batman amazing and leave this specific film alone. Not that they're planning on making a game as far as I know, which is good! But when something becomes this successful there's usually a video game which follows. Also I think the film is too dark to base a video game on without giving it some kind of teen or mature rating. Maybe... but still! The Dark Knight kicks ass and while Ledger's Joker screams for attention, don't overlook the the equally brilliant efforts of Bale and Eckhart. Their emotional highs and lows keep the movie going amidst the Joker's increasingly deadly scenarios.

On a completely random note, I'm really glad Brad digged the Kaiju concept. Props on a bombcast! Woo!



So the Spore Creature Creator has been out for a while. It seems like there’s plenty of people out there doing their best to create the most crazy, weird looking things they can. I’ve tried doing this but every time I finish making something weird I find myself saying “Yep, that’s dumb.” and then delete it!

However the fella above I’m proud of ‘cus he looks kinda normal and cute. Just a typical dragon sorta thing. I’m sure with more parts he could look better, but I’m not paying for the full demo with all the body parts.

I’m morally against paying for demos, they’re meant to get you to buy the full game damn it. I mean sure Spore is coming from Will Wright, who’s skill and legend in the games industry kinda grants Maxis the right to say “come on guys, you know this is gonna be good, show your love with your pennies!” but seriously, demos are a marketing thing. Would you pay 10p a time to watch even the best Guinness commercial?

The counter argument (being on the music side of things) is a music ’single’ kinda does the same thing. It’s a marketing tool to get you to buy the full album. With individual track downloads available online the single is kinda losing its edge, but if the song’s good enough people will pay for it and you can generate interest AND income.

I just hope this doesn’t lead to other games manufacturers thinking their games are better than they are and alienate their product by demanding money for a demo. Perhaps for a game which plain ain’t that good?

Anyway, Spore’s looking great and the creatures nearly always turn out way cuter than you’d think. Even a multi-mouthed, many tentical’d monstrosity can have the cutest laugh and look awesome dancing to beats which I believe are the work of Brian Eno. I read it on the internets so it might be crap, but apparently he’s going to be behind the Spore soundtrack which is just plain awesome.

That’s enough rambling for now, if you want to find out more check out www.spore.com and download the (free!) demo!


Giant Bomb, first impressions...


Yup, congrats to the guys & gals at Giant Bomb for getting up and running. The default icon is way too awesome. I don't want to change it yet! I'm hoping everyone else will want to be all individual and use their own so I can keep this one. One can only hope.

I checked out www.comicvine.com to get an idea of how the site's gonna work and I'm excited! I really hope this site becomes to the go-to place for gamers when they want a wiki style information page, without the wiki bullshit of links to non-game related distractions.

Congrats once again to the team! Time to update the MDK page.

- DC