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Next-gen finally arrived 0

Gears Of War is a 3rd-Person Action/Horror game, with genuinely groundbreaking graphics, as well as the most cinematic game design seen for a long time. The game's protagonist, Marcus Fenix, finds himself broken out of prison (having spent some time there for alleged treason) and immediately resumes fighting the ferocious Locust Horde. A vicious army of creatures from below the Earth's crust (or 'Sera' 's, the name of the planet) , hell bent on the destruction of all things Human.With your old f...

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War Of The Worlds got nothing on EDF! 0

While it might not be the most visually stunning 'next-gen' title, EDF offers an experience similar to older skill based shooters. The visuals have a cheesy charm which parallel its low-budget cinematic counterparts. Couple this with equally cheesy dialog and you're in B-Movie wonderland!You play a solider in a typical military squad, and your job is to shoot stuff dead. You'll face giant ants (ala the movie 'Them') giant robots ('War Of The Worlds') and giant dino-mech things (Woo! Godzilla!). ...

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