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A vacation worth taking. 0

“You mean I have to clean up crap?” That was my first response when I read about Super Mario Sunshine for the first time. First, Link got all cartoony, Fox got out of his Arwing and now Mario got a goofy ass water pack and started acting like a sanitary worker. When Mario Sunshine was released in 2002, I played it for a little bit and quickly decided it was not worth playing, and moved on. However last year, when I decided to play through my backlog of games, I played Mario Sunshine again and fo...

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Still holds up. 0

Let us take The Wayback Machine to a much simpler time, Nov. 2001. The PS2 had been out for a year, the Dreamcast was on it's deathbed and the GCN and Xbox had just been released. Think of console FPSs back at that time. Go on, I'll give you a minute.... Done? Ok. Not a whole lot, was there? On the PS2, there was Red Faction and Timesplitters. On the DC, you had ports of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The GCN didn't have a shooter yet but the N64 had Perfect Dark and Turok 3. Now compare these g...

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Short n' Ugly, Like Wario 0

I have a confession to make, I don't care for the 2D Mario games. Wait! Don't throw rotten tomatoes at me! I may not like those old Mario games, but I LOVE the Wario Land series on Gameboy. The mix of fun platforming, puzzles and Wario's interesting transformations made the Wario Land games some of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. So when Nintendo announced Wario World for the Gamecube, I thought "hey Mario was great in 3D, I'll LOVE Wario in 3D" I saw the mediocre reviews by all t...

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jRPG done right! 0

Ok, I admit it, I used to be a Nintendo fanboy. Whenever there was talk of PS2 or Dreamcast, I'd would tout the benefits of my crusty old N64 (no load times). However, when the Gamecube was released I quickly became disillusioned with Nintendo. I didn't want Luigi to vacuum up ghosts or for Mario to be spraying water on sludge. I didn't want Fox to leave his Arwing and I just wasn't into Pikmin or Animal Crossing. So by 2004, I was firmly in the Xbox's camp believing in Halo 2's hype hook, line ...

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Doesn't Disappoint 0

The Gamecube was disappointing not just to me, who once considered  himself a hardcore Nintendo fan, but for many people. All throughout the GCN's life, it seemed as if Nintendo just didn't get it. People didn't want a water pack strapped to Mario, a vacuum on Luigi or Cel-shading on Link. People didn't want to buy cables and connect their Gameboys to their Gamecubes, they didn't want two characters on one Mario Kart either. People didn't want Fox McCloud to leave his Arwing and going out on adv...

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