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june 25th, 2009

i'm sure you've heard it from uncountable dozens of other sources by now, but i feel obliged to pay my respects to michael jackson, since i just tore up listening to stranger in moscow. MJ is arguably the man who contributed most to my interest in music from a young age, and - whatever your stance on his controversial later years - his influence cannot, and will not ever be, understated.

if the mods feel obliged to lock this due to the internet's influx of jacko-related shock, then fuck you, you insensitive pricks.

rest in peace, you utter legend.


may 21st, 2009

while i'm procrasting* a book report and an essay that are, together, worth about 40% of my final grade, i figure i should come blog about stuff.

i guess i've been away from this website for a pretty long amount of time. i've read all blog entries on my tracked list, give or take a few, for the last month or two, but i don't really comment anymore, so i apologize for that. i realize my absence from your comments section is rather saddening, but i'm sure you'll get over it.

in other news, i guess i should rephrase my last blog entry. at the time, i was only able to formulate a couple of sentences written in allcaps, such was the depth of my excitement. yet over the last month, i've been scouring numerous websites for news of the upcoming Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver games, and i have been very pleased with my findings so far. the second generation of Pokemon fills me with a sense of nostalgia that probably surpasses even my love for the original generation, mainly because Gold and Silver were the games that truly fuelled my infatuation with Pokemon. at the time of Red and Blue's release, i was probably a little too young to fully comprehend the awesomeness of that game, and it wasn't until a couple of years later that i truly started playing the games. i can't wait to relive those memories (whitney and that fucking miltank), especially considering the internal batteries on my original Gold/Silver games have long since malfunctioned (which is a common occurrence, the internal batteries were never intended to last very long anyway)
i really do think that Heart Gold/Soul Silver have the potential to be the strongest offerings in the Pokemon franchise yet - a rounded offering of single-player and multi-player features with the sharpest graphics yet seen in the series and, possibly, the best music. that's if they remix the original soundtrack thoroughly. fuck i'm so psyched for this game, more than pretty much anything else announced in the last, oooooh, forever. except maybe Guild Wars 2.

which brings me to my next point, which is; Guild Wars destroyed my life, haha. when i get immersed in that game, i just end up playing for about 8 hours straight and think about nothing but that game for the following couple of days. and then when school resumes, i just forget about Guild Wars' existence and end up surfing the internet till 2am every night and getting four hours of sleep and going to school like some sort of bizarre zombie student. thing is, when school ends in 2 week's time i won't have much to distract me from dedicating my futile existence to Guild Wars... except maybe this one college class i'm taking, and of course daily mileage for cross country. yup, it's gonna be a sad life, but that game is so fucking fun and skype chats with tom and andy are always a fucking blast.** i swear by the time we finish all four campaigns i'll have enough lulzy in-game moments to fill an entire book and it'll probably be like my favorite game ever just because of that. Guild Wars 2 is going to be all-consumingly brilliant, if what they've announced so far translates well into the in-game experience, but thats another story

i don't have much to say outside of that, to be honest. i've lost touch with the gaming world. what's been released lately? what are you playing right now? feel free to let me know in the comments, i guess, because i'm actually sorta curious. the last major game i remember being released is like... some new Call of Duty or something, if thats even out yet.*** World at War? fucking Pokemon and Guild Wars have severed all contact with such new shiny technological marvels. oh, and yeah, i still haven't finished FFVIII. i'll do it later, just like this god damn essay i'm supposed to be writing. fuck my life. i'm not even going to bother decking out this blog with awesome pictures to detract from my self-indulgent wall of prose, so deal w/ it. you read all that, hopefully. good job. your attention span is acceptable.

i'm out, laterrrr

* hahah, i originally posted this blog post and then found this spelling error as soon as i clicked "Post". i'm gonna leave it there just for comedy value, it's a rather nice typo. i really need to get some sleep, it just turned 12 AM and i still have at least 3 hours of work to do, fml

** HEY YO JASON, "wait was that andy or another fucking ranger that looks exactly like him", leaving runs before paying, running to hogwarts for 10k, gotta kill that warthog, i'll fuck your shit up, sgt steve, excuse me im not interested in having my bong toked, that fucking fellblade, repeat after me FUCK YEAH etc. fun shit

*** lol fail


may 7th, 2009







april 11th, 2009

so it's spring break.
and i'm about to start a long game of civilization iv.
and i'm completely addicted to competitive pokemon battling again
and i have final fantasy viii to finish.

goodbye, life.


march 28th, 2009

long time, no blog... well, no REAL blog.
this blog is actually a blog, not just a link to something else.

so: school is pretty dull. sports aren't really on my priority list in the same way that they used to, i despise my french class*, and god damn, i'm sick of math. i'm thankful that after one more year of algebra, i'll be done with math forever, probably.

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so: gaming on my end. for one thing, over the last month or so i've developed an affinity for an old school RTS that goes by the name of StarCraft. i used to suck at this game big time, yet i still managed to enjoy it. actually playing the game competitively rather than in single-player has worked wonders for me. i can now at least hold my own for long enough to enjoy more than 10 minutes of a match. in some cases, i actually WIN. how's that for a novelty?

more importantly, though, i've finally cracked open Final Fantasy VIII and i got through disc 1 today. it's pretty awesome. at first i wasn't too sure what to think of the game, but it's definitely developing into something predictably epic. characters that previously seemed rather one-dimensional seem to be more complex than they originally seemed. the awkward GF system is actually pretty cool now that i actually understand what the fuck to do with it. and yup, the art style is as amazing as i've come to expect from this series.
more on that later, because i'm still pretty early in the game and i don't want to jump to any conclusions.

and yeah. that's basically all i have to say.

* the main reason my french class sucks so much isn't so much the fact that i have to speak french to people i don't get on very well with; it's more the fact that i have to endure the monologues of the most irritating and unlikeable person i've ever met in my life. its this fucking senior chick who is grossly overweight and possesses a face like some kind of "deformed mosquito", as i've previously described it... and all she ever talks about is her supposedly romantic escapades with her boyfriend. friday's topic of discussion was "OMFGGGGGG WE CAME SO CLOSE TO DOING IT LAST NIGHT EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T THINK I WAS READY FOR IT... AND THEN MY DAD WALKED IN LOLOLOLO". FOR FUCK'S SAKE. KILL YOURSELF, BITCH. she has the most annoying voice i've ever heard, ever. FUCK.


february 14th, 2009

happy valentine's day all.
personally, i think valentine's day is fairly stupid, so instead i'm going to give you an inside look at what goes on in my brain, through the medium of an IM conversation between Toms115 and I. Tom is Captain Obvious, and I am Captain Jazz.

[12:02] Captain Jazz: LOL I JUST REMEMBERED
[12:02] Captain Jazz: THE GAYEST DREAM EVER
[12:02] Captain Jazz: THAT I HAD LAST NIGHT
[12:02] Captain Jazz: LOOOOOOOOOOL
[12:02] Captain Jazz: i was at liek some conference or something
[12:02] Captain Jazz: and then the guy who was hosting
[12:03] Captain Jazz: was like "for the last time, jeff gerstmann"
[12:03] Captain Jazz: and jeff came up to the front
[12:03] Captain Jazz: and he was supposed to start talking
[12:03] Captain Jazz: and he just like stood there looking around
[12:03] Captain Jazz: and then i woke up
[12:03] Captain Obvious: :D LOL
[12:03] Captain Obvious: wtf kind of dream is that? :D
[12:03] Captain Jazz: i don't know



february 8th, 2009

truly beyond words.

i encourage you to watch the whole thing. it's only four minutes, and a truly amazing change comes in halfway through.
i didn't think a band that usually works within 10-minute parameters could release a drastically short single, but... Mono have done it again. you're unlikely to find a more beautiful four minutes this year.


february 2nd, 2009


i hate having a shortage on time.
track and field started up again recently, and given that i'm ridiculously out of shape i have been forced to attend daily practices for about three hours. combine this - an unfathomably dull activity in every sense of the word - with the fact that homework is constantly burying me in tedium... and you can do the math to figure out that i am fucking tired of this shit.


chapter the first: in which psychomode talks about Unreal Tournament 3 and its shortcomings

for one reason or another, i reinstalled Unreal Tournament 3 this weekend and promptly began playing it.
of course, though, my system hates Unreal Tournament 3. for one thing, my graphics card is becoming increasingly outdated, and while UT3 can run relatively well on somewhat moderate settings, it still chokes too often for me to be comfortable with it and thus i am stuck with a relatively low configuration.
but that's all good, y'know. it doesn't matter that it looks WORSE than Unreal Tournament 2004 if the gameplay's good, right?

so i go online. i'm sure you've heard this before, but the community that is still actually playing Unreal Tournament 3 simply equates to a total trainwreck of a userbase. i searched up some nice, regular CTF servers, since i never seem to be in the mood for Warfare or vehicle-based game types anymore (blame a) Halo, and b) the fact that Onslaught in UT04 is vastly superior to anything UT3 has to offer) and lo and behold, there is a grand total of NINE people playing CTF, spread across THREE servers.

what the fuck.

No Caption Provided
and so, i re-evaluated my status on online multiplayer shooters. due to my rampant fanboyism related to this series, i declare that there is only one multiplayer first person shooter that i will ever need for the rest of my life, or at least until the community of this game completely disintegrates into nothingness. and that game is UT2004.

and that was the end of that.

don't get me wrong, Unreal Tournament 3 is a pretty well-developed game at its core. the controls are great, the weapons are fantastic and the maps (although there really isn't that many) are fairly well-designed, if a little unremarkable. most of the game types from Unreal Tournament 2004 return, save for the classic Invasion, although the copious modding community surrounding the game has not really manifested itself yet in the new game. overall, though, to me it doesn't really feel like Unreal Tournament. sometimes it feels like i'm playing a glorified version of Gears of War, really, with a first-person viewpoint and with tactics totally removed. the art style is pretty much directly ripped from the recent trend of clunky, mechanical, futuristic, pseudo-dystopian shooters, and the Egyptian/Greek/Roman architectural styles from the older games seems nonexistent.
another huge complaint that i have with Unreal Tournament 3 is the movement. in Unreal Tournament 2004 you were pretty much free to bounce off the walls like some kind of mental case. you were able to traverse entire maps scarcely touching the floor. you were able to string together the most ludicrous acrobatic combos this side of FFVII: Advent Children. in UT3, unless there's a mod that i've somehow missed, there is no such thing. i barely even jumped once. i haven't played even one low-grav map. it feels really restricted and clumsy and it just doesn't feel like the Unreal Tournament of old.
while UT3 is definitely a step forward in the technological department despite the fact that my system can't really cut it, i can't help but think that it's several steps backwards in the evolution of the UT franchise. i seriously think we've well and truly lost it. the series hit its peak with 04. when i feel like i want some slightly heavier, meatier gunplay, UT3 is definitely a great choice, but i'm seriously not that kind of gamer. i prefer things at a far faster pace. the frenetic gunfights of UT2004  are just infinitely preferable to those on display in this new sequel, and if you take into account the fact that UT2004 has the single best modding community out of any game i've ever played, it's really a no brainer as to HMMM WHICH GAME SHOULD I PLAY TODAY.

oh god run on sentences are so awesome.

chapter the second: in which psychomode talks about the F.E.A.R. 2 demo and its shortcomings (but also the things it does correctly, i swear)

so i'm not sure if i wrote about this either, but i also played the F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo about maybe a week ago i guess? i'm not really sure, but it was recent. again, this is a game my system, particularly my graphics card, has real trouble handling. i don't think i will play this game until i make a few more significant upgrades, but however i did manage to push through the entire demo at a measly 800x600, and here's a rundown of my thoughts:

  • the new PDA system and HUD really aren't for me. a minor complaint, but i really do think that the gaming industry evolved past this a couple of years back. it felt clunky even in games like Doom 3, which were released like almost 5 years ago.
  • how did the AI downgrade? how is that even possible? i realize it's just a demo, but the AI felt like a serious step backwards from the furiously smart bad guys in the original game. i played on Hard mode and had pretty much no problems in dispatching these motherfuckers. in the full game, i hope to see enemies that have IQ's in the triple digits please.
  • this whole "outdoor fighting" thing really doesn't sit well with me. just as with UT3, it brings back painful memories of Gears of War. this whole apocalyptic debris-filled city thing really doesn't suit F.E.A.R. for me. F.E.A.R. was an awesomely oppressive corridor shooter and it did lots of things right. it was terrifically claustrophobic and it was absolutely scary as fuck because of it. i hope that the demo was rather unrepresentative of the environments of the full game, because the ratio of outdoor sections to indoor sections was a little too unbalanced for me. kinda odd. 
  • i still can't work out what to think of the mechs. i seriously don't know whether i like them or not. i just fucking hope there's no vehicular sections in this game.
  • onto the good stuff: the school section was executed perfectly. i want an entire game's worth of sections like that. i had goosebumps the entire time. i'm not sure what type of goosebumps they were, though. they were either "oh my fucking god i am terrified" goosebumps, or "oh my fucking god this is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED IN THE SEQUEL" goosebumps. it's your call, but seriously i actually think it's the latter. absolutely awesome.
  • the weapons didn't lose any of their awesomeness value. i hate to use a phrase as cheap as "awesomeness value" but frankly at this point in the blog my literal creativity is starting to down grade a little bit. given that i don't have a thesaurus handy, i have to use things like "awesomeness value" to get my point across. but seriously, the weapons are awesome and i can't wait to get more slow-mo headshots. which is pretty much what i (and 95% of gamers) spent the entirety of F.E.A.R. doing.

... i seriously can't remember any other good points. the sections that actually did feature Alma were, of course, pretty freaky, and i'm definitely looking forward to some good old-fashioned psychological scares. maybe it's my terminal negativity, but as a pretty big F.E.A.R. fan i have to say that the demo was more of a mixed bag than i expected. i guess i just want more of the same in this long-awaited sequel, and it doesn't look like i'm going to get it. however rather than introduce some really innovative gameplay mechanics, the devs just seem to have borrowed them from other games and implemented them into a game where they don't really work as well as they should.
ignore my cynicism if you legitimately enjoyed the demo - which i did, although not on the same level as i thought i would - as i will definitely be buying the game. although yeah as i said i may have to wait until my computer becomes somewhat improved.

chapter the third: in which psychomode summarizes his weekly frustrations into one grammatically incorrect sentence



so yeah guys. i'm really sick right now so i think i should probably wrap this up and go to bed... although there's so much more self-indulgent ranting i'd like to do right now. for some reason i'm really in a video game kinda mood, although as usual the only two games i feel like playing are UT2004 and Guild Wars. i would play Final Fantasy VIII because i know that i should be doing so, but frankly i just came off finishing FFX for like the fourth time and i don't feel like playing another turn-based RPG for a while.
i'll probably start playing it tomorrow anyway lol... just to get me off of this fucking computer a little more often.
also probably gonna move my 360 into my room later this week, look to seeing me on Rock Band 1/2 playing some guitar/bass maybe. i would hook up my drums because they are by far my favorite instrument, but they seriously won't fit in my ludicrously small room. so yeah i'll probably be playing some guitar on RB2


january 28th, 2009

it's been a while.
so, semester deux. it's going pretty good so far; i met some awesome new people, managed to switch my schedule around without making any changes i regret, and my grades are doing pretty well considering the fact that i haven't really been putting any effort into any of my classes. i'm not sure why. however today i did solve a few of my procrastination-related issues and wrote up 12 pages (that's right. 24 sides of A4 paper.) of notes that i should have probably accomplished a while back. so it's all good.

hmm. what have i been doing besides that? ... well, a little bit of gaming i guess. my time management is improving drastically so i can see myself putting far more time into Guild Wars and Final Fantasy VIII over the next few weeks without staying up till about 1AM as was per usual last semester.

also looking into driver's ed right now and i may well be getting a job less than a mile from my house, which means that i can easily walk there if i want. i'm just so fucking sick of constantly tracking games through their development and then not being able to buy them upon release because i have no fucking money. (see: Fable II, Gears of War 2, Forza Motorsport 2, Crysis, Spore, and fuck knows what else... probably Project Origin too the way things are looking right now) i don't even know how everybody else my age affords them considering they're buying, or having their parents buying, a new game every fucking week - either they spend every waking second doing chores, or they just have really generous parents. i don't spend every waking second doing chores, and i receive absolutely no money for doing so anyhow. the only reason i receive games is for good grades.

whateverrrrrr guys. whining is sooooooooooo 2008. i'm going to go study for some tests and watch some ghost in the shell. (finally watching that shit)