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A textbook example of real time strategy gaming. 0

(Originally posted on under the name stevenscott14. Appears here slightly edited due to my perfectionist state of mind.)I'm sure everybody has heard of Starcraft - without a doubt one of the most influential PC games ever and one of the greatest examples of strategy-based gaming to this day. It's a game that has captivated thousands, maybe millions, since its release, so much that many people are still playing it today, whether over Blizzard's servers on, or simply experi...

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One of the most memorable FPS games of recent times. 1

(This review was originally posted on under the name stevenscott14. It appears here ever-so-slightly edited in order for it to not look like an absolutely unforgivable wall of text) The most creepy thing about my experience with F.E.A.R. wasn't even the silence, the atmosphere, or the spooky little girl that turns out to be much, much more than a Samara ripoff (The Ring, anyone?) The creepy thing was that I actually enjoyed the moments where there wasn't a thousand clones to shoot t...

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Utterly unforgettable. 1

It is agonizingly difficult for me to review a game such as this. Final Fantasy X simply defies easy summary, analysis, and categorization. Actually, scratch that: it nullifies the dictionary and invalidates the thesaurus. Honestly, a game like this needs to be experienced, no matter your stance on Square, turn based combat, or even role playing games in general. You can stop right there if you so desire, since chances are, I won't be able to convince you any further over the length of this self...

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