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Backlog -2: inFAMOUS & Heavenly Sword

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With inFAMOUS and Heavenly Sword falling I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty decent week in the world of backlogging. Neither game took a ton of time but both have been staring at me for a couple of years, begging to be conquered.

inFAMOUS: When inFAMOUS came out I never actually had a PS3. I remember it came out right around Prototype and I was in the camp that thought both were pretty much the same game. They were both 3rd-person action games that had you running around a city doing missions and wearing a hoodie. What I didn’t realize at the time was that inFAMOUS, while similar looking, plays about a hundred times better than Prototype. I had no clue this game was so great but finishing it and knocking it off my backlog has me wanting to pick up the sequel when it drops a little in price. Very impressed and very happy that I decided to give it another shot.

Heavenly Sword: All I can really say about Heavenly Sword is “WOW!” I remember seeing the commercials for HS when it came out in 2007 and thinking that it looked pretty awesome but since I didn’t own a PS3 I kind of forgot about it. About a year ago it dropped in price and I decided to add it to my collection for when I had nothing else to play, forgetting just how amazing this looked when it was released. This weekend I was reminded. In my opinion Heavenly Sword is one of the best looking games from this generation of gaming, which is almost impossible to believe considering it came out over 3 and a 1/2 years ago. The gameplay can get a little redundant but for a 6 hour game I feel that I got my moneys worth ($20) out of it. I’d love to see a sequel come out one day.

Now that I’ve notched off 2 quick games I think I’m going to check out something a little more robust – Yakuza 3, I choose you!