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IP@E3: People Buy Another Wii Game. Wii Sports Resort!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Kim

It was E3 2006 when everyone first got a look at "Wii Sports." It was awesome, it was innovative, and there were huge lines to play it. Huge lines filled with really smelly kids. Well, it's 2008 and Nintendo has finally announced a follow-up that goes by the name of "Wii Sports Resort."

During the conference we were only shown a handful of the events included in "Resort," but it's looking pretty promising from what we've seen. A frisbee mini-game where you can frolick around with your dog. A jet-ski event that Reggie seems to think guys will love. Lastly, a sword fighting event where you beat one of your friends to a bloody pulp. Does that really happen at the beach?

Look for more information about "Wii Sports Resort" in the next few days, and watch Reggie beat down Cammie Dunaway in the vid below.

Kim Fidler