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Killzone 2 - Why Haven't You Bought the DLC?

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I don't know if it's just me but it seems that many people have already forgotten how awesome Killzone 2 is.  I never got it until this past weekend so I'm not really sure how it was when the game launched but it seems that while it does have a pretty healthy online community, it's missing something important that both Call of Duty and Halo has.  The players' willingness to purchase additional maps to get more time out of the game. 
As soon as I picked up the game and played a few rounds online, I logged onto PSN and purchased the map pack bundle that was recently released with all 6 maps.  For the price I thought it was very worth it and I figured that many other people would feel the same.  I guess I'm in the minority.  Of all the games I've searched, I have found one game that actually had people playing the map pack and the title of the game was "Trophies & XP."  Yeah it was nice to knock off 2 bronze trophies I was going for but it still seems kind of useless to buy them if no one is actually playing them in some kind of steady rotation. 
Have any of you that bought Killzone 2 thrown down the money for the extra maps or have any interest in doing so in the future?  It seems that the best option for most companies is to release everything in one big bundle with a single player addition and perhaps a code for a beta test to really entice people into buying them.  Either that or a ton of people are starting to feel really burned by "Game of the Year" editions coming out 10 months later that include EVERYTHING that people had to buy over that time.  Yeah, I'm still a little bitter about the Gears 2 maps and how I had to pay about $45 for all of them when everything was included in the Game of the Year edition for $40.