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A good time for a nice swim. 0

It feels weird to call Abzu a story-walker (jokes about being a swimming simulator notwithstanding) since other titles in this genre tend to give the player means of investigation and unraveling the story along the way, uncovering smaller elements that lead to a bigger picture - Abzu however gives the player freedom to explore in the various ‘levels’ while pacing out the reveal of plot points ala chapters, not to mention getting to peep at plenty of fish. A deep narrative to sit on w...

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A good tale with (mostly) good characters, this is another solid story teller from Fullbright. 0

Good writing in gaming is certainly challenging, mostly since trying too hard makes you come off as artsy, while trying too little makes you come off as lazy. The line between those or being a legitimately good experience is a narrow one, and the tipping point is debatable depending on who you ask. While story isn’t something I tend to always hang my hat on when it comes to the purchase or value of a game, someone else may have a terrible time if there’s no enriched tale or character...

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More than a retro callback. [Early Access] 0

Games that are meant to be callbacks or love letters to earlier legends fall into a dicey gambit, since the comparison to its predecessor comes in the form both of how much it evokes the original and what it does differently - Or not similarly enough. This leads to Dusk, a shooter that doesn’t need much viewing to decipher what games had inspired its look, feel and speed. Despite such clear inspiration, Dusk manages to be its own entity instead of being a mere love letter for the sake of l...

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If you liked the original, then you're bound to be right at home with the sequel. 0

[Note: I’ve had such subpar feelings about the Versus mode that I’ve chosen to omit them from this review.]Killing Floor was a testament in how a team-based cooperative game could remain continuously fun to play thanks to solid gameplay, chatty characters and of course all that dosh being thrown around between waves of monster slaughter - But it still showed its age on its sleeve despite its timeless replayability. With the number of hours I’ve sunk into the original game, the ...

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An eerie story that may not be necessarily fun to play, but it certainly holds up through the sum of its parts. 0

[Full disclosure: My copy of the game was gifted to me by a friend.]Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiide- Oh, sorry. Wrong context.I’m quite happy that I was able to avoid spoilers and coverage of Inside when it first came out, otherwise I wouldn’t have come away from its scenes and revelations with the same amounts of shock, horror or confusion. Inside is a story-driven experience that relies on sights, sounds and player interpretation, but it breaks up the lack of vocal narrative w...

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Violent, loud, bloody and brutal - I wouldn't have it any other way. 0

[Note: I’ve had such a lackluster interest in the multiplayer components that I am omitting my thoughts on them in this review to avoid bogging things down with half-hearted apathy. Because of this, this review will be based on how the game performs as a single player experience.]I’ll have to admit I was feeling rather cynical about the announcement of a new Doom being in the works, figuring that we’d get an overly modernized take that has little relation to the original produc...

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Creativity can go a long way, but not when you're reaching straight to blithering oblivion. 0

[Full disclosure: My copy of Virginia was supplied by]There’s something to be said for being bold and creative when it comes to video game development; be it mechanics, what is expected of player input, visual style, storytelling and so on. This of course often leads into the trap of being called ‘hipster bait’ or ‘art house garbage’ if these creative angles end up being too far straying from the ‘typical’ game design path,...

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While a different take from its predecessor, Arcade is still diabolical good fun. 0

[Full disclosure: My copy of Lovely Planet Arcade was supplied by]The original Lovely Planet was certainly an unexpected bit of joy - And by joy I mean frantic, stressful, skill-demanding shooting that was punctuated by a (mostly) strong soundtrack and bright, cheerful visuals. It’s also a game I never finished because of how challenging it was, asking an incredible amount of skill from the players in terms of movement, accuracy, and of course efficiency for...

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Being a space cowboy can only be so fun until the lack of depth and grind-savvy nature brings things down. 0

Action games set in space tend to, at least from my point of view, fall into two categories; simulation heavy or too arcadey. As someone with an interest in space games, I’ve been after a game that falls somewhere in the middle of this spectrum while leaning towards the arcadey side, but such a balance is a pipe dream. Having pages of complex mechanics takes away the fun and asks me to resemble more of an actual space captain, but having too little makes me feel like I’m not in a spa...

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This game may slap me around like a chump, but returning the favor is never not satisfying. 0

Games that boast high difficulty and challenge ride the delicate line between being skill-demanding or just downright obnoxious, often separated by whether or not tools or abilities are available to the player to let them overcome such adversity or if the scales are tipped so drastically in favor of the game that it’s an exercise in insanity trying to win. At first I had God Hand penned on the latter end of the spectrum, but after some practice and application of learned techniques I&rsquo...

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A politically-charged and intriguing story with a bizarre yet colorful cast can only do so much with gameplay this poor. 0

If a game has a good story, often the player can look past its other flaws and issues because they have an interesting tale to experience and travel through. Killer7 is a weird game in this regard since it has an interesting story (while being head-scratching right to the scalp) but has atrocious aiming controls that limits its combat. I’m placed in the precocious position of recommending the game for the experience it has to offer but also thinking poorly of it for its gameplay. It’...

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Bright, colorful and fun to play all backed by a top tier soundtrack, it's an utter delight to experience. 2

[While the game has a multiplayer mode, I do not have anyone to test it with. I therefore am omitting any of the positive or negative impacts the multiplayer would have to ensure the review remains fair.]Drink it in. When it comes to games that find their main gimmick in being weird or bizarre, I can’t think of many titles that also back up their absurdity with enjoyable gameplay. Often these games sucker players into progressing by simply confusing them into wondering what oddity will be...

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Super slick, super cool and later on super challenging... Now if only the game told me what it was called... 0

I’m all for innovation when it comes to blending genres to create something new and noteworthy, and SuperHot’s early prototype certainly had me intrigued when I first saw it. Never mind the strange, unseen narrator who references the game’s title ad nauseum or the shattering of red people like panes of glass, it was the nature of having a partial control of time while dodging bullets and dispensing your own in a slick, effortlessly stylish manner that sold me. The final product...

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Devilishly affordable, devilishly challenging and the chances of topping the leaderboards are devilishly low. 0

Devil Daggers is an odd game to discuss since it’s very ‘small’, but it can easily be described as a spooky first person shooter time attack game that is dirt cheap, but incredibly challenging. It’s a very deceptive game however, as the simple objective of staying alive for as long as possible is marred by specific rules used by the enemies that in theory are simple to read and avoid, but when put into play together go from zero to frighteningly threatening in no time at ...

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A tale of two story angles turns into a tale of missed opportunity and incredible disappointment. 0

Stories in gaming vary from light-hearted, to dark in tone, and anywhere in between, and many take twists and turns in order to surprise the audience, subvert expectations, or to keep things fresh and intriguing as the player progresses. Firewatch certainly changes its story arc and expectations partway through, but it ends up doing so in a confusing and flaccid manner that acts as a betrayal of its original intentions rather than a heightening of interest. This ‘hiking simulator’ co...

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The formula of dungeon crawler, roguelike and rhythm game works. It works so well. 0

With the surge in popularity of roguelikes, it was an eventuality that developers would need to do something other than merely make another punishing dungeon crawler like the original Rogue. While there have been many grand takes on the formula by entrants like Rogue Legacy, FTL, and Nuclear Throne, the last concept I was expecting was a roguelike crossed with a rhythm game. I wondered how this mashup would even work, but it turned out that the answer was quite simple; you just press the arrow k...

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A little game with a surprising amount of depth, challenge and fun. 0

I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Downwell for $3.49; it looked fine enough for a cheap game, and it appeared to be an arcade-like fling that would make for some quick fun in the same vein as Luftrausers. I certainly wasn't expecting a fast, challenging twitch shooter that has a surprising amount of depth for a game about falling down a hole while firing off gunboots. If gunboots doesn't have you sold right away, I'm not sure anything else will.This is the story about a boy's terrib...

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A surprising if not uncomfortable turn of events. 0

[To be clear; I do not believe that The Beginner's Guide is a game in the typical definition as an interactive piece of media, and instead I view it as a story vessel. As such, I'm reviewing it based on how well it communicates itself in this form and not from a gameplay standard.]Without getting into the argument of 'are video games art', I am not the target audience for games that are focused on delivering a moral or a lesson instead of a gameplay-based experience. My own cynicism makes me ra...

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While lacking in solid education, the entertainment from defying a games' script makes up for it in the end. 0

Taking directions in video games has become something we've all (generally) become resigned to; we read the manual, check out the controls menu, follow signs and hints in the environment, etc... In most cases, games follow a guideline and set limitations as to what extent you can deviate from the original plan or script, these rules becoming more lenient and expanded since the good ol' days of the NES and into the realms of MMOs and open-world exploration based titles. Still, seldom are you puni...

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Some changes have been made, but there are still plenty of phatty loots to gain. 0

I wasn’t able to experience Diablo 1 or 2 back when they were relevant and popular, so my eagerness towards Diablo 3 had been sparked mostly by Torchlight, which helped me realize what I’d missed out on by not playing these granddaddies of the dungeon crawler genre. Upon release however, Diablo 3 seemed (during the first few months to my knowledge) to be incredibly divisive among its player base, being both too familiar and yet too separated from the classic formula that made the pre...

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A murder mystery border-lining on comedy, its solid story and strong cast will keep you engaged to the end. 0

FMV games are an unknown territory for me as a genre, especially since my younger self did not have access to them during the phase of its fad-like popularity. Looking at previous titles however makes me wonder if it truly was ever popular, as many FMV titles seemed to be all about the technology and visual wow factor rather than the gameplay or story-telling aspects. Contradiction must be familiar with this trend as it shirks the all style, shallow substance method, and instead brings an engagi...

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Gameplay improvements can only go so far with a story this poor. 0

Let’s be honest; Dead Island was one janky game. The ‘charm’ of said jankiness could only last for so long, and certainly its finale and memorably bad final boss was not worth slogging through the combat that consisted mainly of the player character waving their noodle arm all over the place. Obvious hesitation came when Dying Light was released, but word of the fun parkour and no goofy combat slowly sold me on making the purchase. The big question on my mind as the game played...

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An unfortunate sequel that stumbles far too much over its attempts to do more. 0

There’s always a dangerous line to travel when a sequel is made, especially when the previous installments are successful or have a healthy modicum of acceptance from consumers. Straying too far from the original formula can make the sequel feel removed and disjointed from what made the previous game good, and sticking too close to the original can come off as lazy or apathetic. Dennaton certainly did not have an easy job on their hands making a sequel to Hotline Miami, and while the gamep...

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While shallow in gameplay, this RPG is one hell of a memorable trip. 0

Lisa is a strange game. It’s also a satisfying, humorous, entertaining, thought-provoking, at times emotional, and more often disturbing game. It has already shoe-horned itself into my top ten list for 2014, and damn me if I’ve ever walked away from a game with such satisfaction for having seen it to the end - And end up only wanting more.I find the term ‘Devil’s Earthbound’ when referring to Lisa is a loving and very honest way to describe this RPG, as the weight o...

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Safe, emotional and unoffensive, Gone Home does it just right. 0

I’m not one to shy away from games that focus on exploration and discovery, like your Minecraft’s or your Terraria’s or your action games, but in these cases, said exploration brings you rewards like treasure or upgrades; rewards that improve your character and gives you reason to go out of your way to locate them. When it comes to finding rewards that merely give you plot or story points however, my drive begins to wane since your character or your player abilities aren’...

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A fine game on its own, but at the cost of so much. 0

After the recent revamp (and unfortunate downfalls) of Sim City, it seems like Maxis and EA are in a type of unholy matrimony that had sullied the names of both parties (the latter more so than ever), so the mention of a new Sims game had, fairly enough, many consumers including myself hesitant and skeptical. The new emotions system, the ability to multitask, the clean, crisp new look of the sims themselves and the world… It all promised many good things for a new Sims experience and perh...

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A brain-buster for sometimes the wrong reasons, this puzzler is still worth your time. 0

A game like Antichamber should not be played by people like myself; games that have puzzles that go beyond merely logic, reasoning, memorization or problem solving and into the realm of beating your head against it until a solution reveals itself do not sit entirely well with me. This is more an issue with myself than those types of games for sure, but while Antichamber does take a couple of cues from Portal, this title is a drastically different experience that, while at times went way over my...

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Yes, you spin. Yes, the cutscenes are terribly awesome. Yes, it's good all around. 0

Roundabout is a fine example where a game can both bring you a witty experience and a legitimately fun ride where it makes no sacrifice in either department. The B-Movie style of cutscenes with atrocious acting, awful script-writing and all sorts of other 'mistakes' are worth quite a few laughs, while the gameplay of your constantly rotating limousine is tricky, challenging and save for a few instances where you'll call foul, bizarrely entertaining.Enough time has been spent harping on the natu...

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$15 - Admission to the funniest experience you'll have in ages. 0

A friend of mine has labelled Jazzpunk as an 'interactive joke machine', which I feel sums the game in its entirety. Unlike titles like Proteus for example, which are more compelled to give you an experience and story rather than any kind of solid campaign (and also is debated on whether or not it's an actual game), Jazzpunk brings you a nicely sized campaign that is more interested in entertaining you through cheeky puns, strange encounters and comedic situations than anything else... But surel...

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A one trick (on fire) pony with an emotional story. 0

Calling Little Inferno a 'game' is difficult for me, as it's really more of a interactive toy than a proper game. That said, there is a win condition and a ending leading to the credits, but there is no lose condition, no way to reach a game over screen, which is drastically different in comparison to World of Goo, where failing a level means you outright fail and have to start at the beginning again. World of Goo was a actual game with a heart, emotion and a wonderful soundtrack, but Little Inf...

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