Games I've beaten

This list isn't to brag by any means, it's more a personal record for myself, and so that people can recommend me a title to go the full way with and finish off if it's not on this list.

Games which are added to this list after its initial creation (4th February 2010) will be given a timestamp of completion date next to them. Refer to my backlog list to see which games I'm currently working on completing to add to this list. Also keep in mind that this list only refers to retail products, not any old flash game that was published on Newgrounds or whatever.

The five-star ratings I've placed under each game refers to how much I enjoyed playing through it personally. Don't look any further into them than that.

Oh, and a final note: With some games the definition of "beat" is a little unclear, so in these rare cases I will list my own interpretation. Usually this will mean completing the main goal(s) and/or seeing most of what the game has to offer. I'm not talking 100% here, though.

List items