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10 Nintendo Character That Should Be In Smash Before Waluigi

First off I like Waluigi but let's be honest he was character created solely to give Wario a doubles partner for a tennis game. I just feel these 10 Nintendo characters deserve a place on the Smash Bros. roster before our crotch chopping friend. Plus I'm bored and haven't messed around with the surprisingly fun list maker in awhile.

List items

  • Her or pretty much any CO from Advance Wars I don't care I just want Nintendo to acknowledge this is a franchise that exist.

  • My favorite partner from Thousand Year Door but I'd be down for Vivian too.

  • I'm glad we got Little Mac but he could be the Balrog to Mac's Dudley when it comes to boxing based Smash characters. Why Bald Bull and not another fighter? For me and I assume others the Bald Bull fight in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is the first major roadblock in that game until you figure out the timing to counter the Bull Rush.

  • The original Smash Bro!

  • The Freddy Kreuger of the Nintendoverse. People forget he was in Link's Awakening as well which spoilers was all a dream too.

  • I just really like both StarTropics games and think they deserve some love for being awesome and forgotten.

  • More of a troll on the hardcore Waluigi fans that the inclusion of Tingle before Waluigi would cause.

  • Code Name S.T.E.A.M. might have been a let down but Lincoln has fighting game experience. Albeit from the as of this time the 30th ranked Fight Club video game as an unlockable character.