Capcom Characters I want in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

List items

  • I imagine Capcom could make Mike Haggar a Ken-type to Zangief's Ryu-type.

  • Can't find a page for Gene but I love this game and he would make a great addition to the roster.

  • I want to play as a doggie.

  • Give him a robot suit like Tronne Bonne and he is good to go.

  • The only interesting character from the forgettable RE3 deserves some love

  • I would love to see Capcom add any Smith from Killer 7 but I would prefer Mask de Smith

  • He was in Dark Void so it should count.

  • This list was kind of turning into a sausagefest and my only female was an actual bitch. Plus I miss the exploits of Viewtiful Joe.

  • The first video game I ever beat was DuckTales for the NES. Add that to the fact that my favorite graphic novel of all times is the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and Disney owns Marvel so technically it could happen.