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Favorite Games Based on TV Shows

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  • Remastered might of been a bit of a letdown with its unskippable cutscenes and not as good remixed music but the original NES version is still the gold standard of TV games.

  • They really capture the spirit and humor of South Park and the Super Mario RPG-style mechanics are genuinely fun. The game is also the perfect length that it doesn't overstay its welcome.

  • I was a huge Buffy nerd as a teenager and this game and its sequel, Chaos Bleeds, did right by the series. This is just a solidly made action game with the neat gimmick of having to kill baddies via vampire rules. It isn't perfect because there are few bullshit platforming section but many an action game during the Xbox/PS2 era had to include a shitty jumping puzzle. Remember the awful one from the first God of War?

  • This was a better than arcade-port of the second arcade game. While I didn't own a SNES as a kid I had plenty of friends that did and they all owned this game.

  • In the NES era Capcom and Disney could do no wrong (We'll pretend Adventures in the Magic Kingdom didn't exist). I am getting nostalgic about getting into arguments with my sister during the game's co-op/asshole mode.

  • I picked it this up for the 360 for $10 and I don't regret it. The Simpsons have been garbage for a lot longer than they have been good but this game occasionally shows brilliance of the halcyon days when The Simpsons was the greatest show ever. It helps that this is also a pretty good platformer and throws in some cool cameos and twist that I don't want to spoil. Might me blasphemy but this is easily my favorite Simpsons game that is if pinball doesn't count. Simpsons Pinball Party 4 Lyfe!!!

  • My knowledge of Astro Boy is next to none but this is easily one of the best third-party games for the GBA. The reason why is that it is made by Treasure, contains a ton of secrets, and multiple endings.

  • Might be cheating but this is based on the animated series. Also I am talking solely about the Genesis/Mega Drive port though I hear good things about the SNES one. This version was a hard as hell run n' gun game that still managed to be fun as it was frustrating.

  • I swear this is my last Capcom Disney game. Fun fact about Darkwing Duck it is a modified version of Mega Man 5.

  • This is the first point and click adventure game I ever finished and an underrated gem.