Gameboy Color games I want on the 3DS Virtual Console

List items

  • A great blend of Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid game mechanics. This is also the game that justified my ownership of a Gameboy Color.

  • The definitive version of Super Mario Bros. it also includes Lost Levels and some fun challenge and multiplayer modes.

  • My favorite of the Kirby spin-offs and may now be able to be ported due to the 3DS tilt sensors.

  • Honestly the most challenging game in which the protagonist is invulnerable.

  • The only top down Zelda games I haven't played.

  • Not counting that shitty CD-I game where you play as Princess Zelda.

  • A solid pinball game that was like crack to me because you literally caught and evolved Pokemon to get high scores.

  • The prequel to one of the few good DSiware games. Stupid name but all around solid 2-D platformer.

  • Having played every Wario game except this one is driving me crazy. Oh and yes I have played the Virtual Boy one at a Toys R' Us and would love to see that on the Virtual Console.

  • This is the first golf game I ever played and it is still my favorite. I love how the single player game isn't just a tournament but an rpg-lite story mode.